Winning in 2017, Notaker Releases Final 2017 Track “Retribution”


After a month hiatus from us here at MiR, Notaker is back to end the year strong with a new track! Wrapping up our weekend we have “Retribution”, the latest from Notaker over at Mau5trap. Notaker has been rather busy and is quickly being noticed, as this track is being released with Armada Captivating. Fantastic record label, but it just keeps being better. Notaker’s style, reminiscence of superstars such as Deadmau5 and Hans Zimmer, will be nailed his next release over on mau5trap. 2017 sure has been Notaker’s year and it won’t be calming down anytime soon. Keep it up Notaker…we will be waiting.

There is no greater feeling than when injustice is finally righted. Notaker’s latest track “Retribution” takes a darker step into the abyss, focusing more on the analog and ambiance that Notaker has been trying to master. The track is spacey and cinematic in nature, which provides with a Blade Runner-esque warrior feel as we triumph and receive our own variations of “Retribution”. This is definitely a step in the right direction, as Notaker’s use of analog in this track is showing great growth in his experimentation with sound.

“This song was a step in a different, darker direction for me and the first time I’ve ever implemented analog sounds into my production process. The feeling of the song makes me imagine someone planning revenge on someone for the injustices they’ve done to them, hence the name Retribution.”  – Notaker

Be sure to give “Retribution” a full listen here:

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Let’s Peek Behind the Veil with ATTLAS’s “What You Do To Me”

While rumors were secretly making their rounds regarding the identity of ATTLAS, it is indeed not Deadmau5 behind the veil but upcoming producer Jeff Hartford. While many would say that Hartford’s success jump-started due to these rumors, we would like to say that it is the talent that earned him his place at his home with Deadmau5’s label Mau5trap. Hartford has been pushing out evocative productions under the ATTLAS identity for some time, sowing the seeds for is sure to be an interesting and genre-bending career.

Today we have “What You Do to Me”, the latest genre flux track from ATTLAS. Because of his incorporation of such a wide variety of assets including dark bass lines and cinematic vocal clips, it’s hard to exactly place ATTLAS in the music genre puzzle. “What You Do to Me” is not only dynamic with its cascading synths and use of atmospheric sounds but also blending in and out of styles just like ATTLAS has come so accustomed to. We can’t say it better than him, as “this is the kind of track to plays in the background as summer romance unexpectantly blooms.”

Be sure you give “What You Do To Me” a full listen below:

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Deadmau5: Meowingtons Hax 2K11: An EDM Concer

Hello everybody! Today we have my first review of a concert dvd, Deadmau5: Meowingtons Hax 2K11.


STARRING: Deadmau5, Sofi

GENRE: Concert

YEAR: 2012


As for my first review of a concert dvd, I am not exactly sure where to start. I have been a big fan of Deadmau5 since I started college in 2009, and I was happy to see that he made a concert dvd. The movie covers his Meowington Hacks 2K11 concert in Toronto, Canada. Deadmau5 covered all of his major hits and singles from “Faxing Berlin” to “Professional Griefers”. I also have to give props to the light coordinator, he put on an absolutely awesome lights show. I bet all of the audience that was on acid and high out of their minds weren’t even in the same world as everyone else.

Overall the show wasn’t half bad, it felt liked it dragged on (I blame that on an uneven flow in between each song). After about an hour I was wanting it to end. Maybe I am just not used to seeing Deadmau5 in a concert setting. I have watched him perform live four times and each time he was performing at a club in Las Vegas. For someone of Deadmau5’s celebrity status I felt like the show should have blown my mind. Maybe I just had to injest some drugs to really enjoy the light show. I also didn’t enjoy Sofi’s part of the performance. She definitely sounds a hell of a lot better in the studio than on stage.

You can check out his set list below:

01. 0:00 – Where my keys
02. 3:50 – Bad selection
03. 7:20 – Maths
04. 11:10 – Reward is more cheese
05. 13:28 – Some chords/tiny dancer
06. 18:58 – Secondary complications/sometimes things get, whatever
07. 21:09 – Cthulhu sleeps
08. 27:17 – Arguru
09. 33:00 – Asdfghjkl
10. 37:41 – Hr 8938 cephei
11. 42:40 – Jaded
12. 48:10 – Slip
13. 50:34 – Aural psynapse
14. 57:33 – October/raise your weapon
15. 1:00:13 – Raise your weapon (noisia remix)
16. 1:01:40 – Sofi needs a ladder
17. 1:08:14 – One trick pony
18. 1:11:56 – Fml/i remember
19. 1:19:40 – Professional griefers
20. 1:26:20 – Moar ghosts ‘n’ stuff
21. 1:28:11 – Ghosts ‘n’ stuff
22. 1:31:46 – Limit break
23. 1:32:55 – Animal rights
24. 1:37:12 – Get in the cart, pig
25. 1:40:14 – Strobe


  • Covered major hits and singles.
  • Awesome light coordination.
  • Electronic concert film.


  • Dragged on.
  • Club vs live performance.
  • Set list organization.
  • Sofi’s performance.

SCORE: 6.0/10

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