Protocol’s Raiden Collabs with Red Velvet’s IRENE For Her Solo Debut In “The Only”

It has been a minute since we have seen what Raiden is up to, and to no surprise, he’s back working with K-pop. This time around we stopped by Protocol for “The Only”, Raiden’s newest dip into the K-pop world with IRENE from Red Velvet. Raiden has kept himself busy while developing his style and launching his career, with even traveling to Japan and performing in a rock band. This experience has affected his own personal style, as Raiden strives to combine EDM with rock. He even plays the guitar on a number of his tracks! This is Raiden’s 10th release on the Protocol imprint, and we are glad to see he finally found his home. IRENE is a major player in the all-powerful K-Pop girl group Red Velvet, who have made major hits that topped charts in Korea as well as on Billboard’s own digital charts. “The Only” marks her debut as a solo artist, so we have high expectations.

While you may be out of luck if you don’t speak Korean, “The Only” is a soft and beautiful pop track that makes our hearts flutter.  That takes quite a bit of motivation, as they are dead and rotting from years ago. The melting pot that is “The Only”,, between Raiden’s progressive yet melodic production and IRENE’s serene K-pop vocals, will definitely satisfy fans of both genres. The drops are gentle and progressive, while the slightly groovy melodies keep us listening as we quietly bounce along. “The Only” proves that feel-good vibes and romantic tones expand further than just language, and show just how powerful music as a medium has become.

Make sure you check out “The Only” on Spotify below and YouTube!

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World Musician Mystic Pete Releases Newest Spiritual EDM Album “BassPop”


Let’s face it, in order to stand out you have to be unique. No one is going to take some lame duck out of the crowd. Mystic Pete is no lame duck. An acclaimed cellist, vocalist, radio host, and producer just to name a few, Mystic Pete has been succeeding in combing spirituality with the arts. Mystic Pete has also been hosting “In a Dream” over on KXLU 88.9 fm in Los Angeles, CA for over five years. “In a Dream” promises a unique broadcast show for the DJ community, featuring tracks from genres such as: techno, drum and bass, trance, electro, trap, and the world.

Now to the actual album itself. Mystic Pete’s newest album released on Oct. 18th, “BassPop”, is the interesting love child between EDM we know and love and the music the the world has to offer. What “BassPop” lacks in its number of tracks (as there are only five on the album) it impresses with five completely unique tracks that flow together seamlessly. Personally the standout track for us is “Bad Kill”, as it eerily pairs well with the chanting of “Kali Ma” and provides us with a creepily awesome track that is perfect for setting the Halloween mood.

You can stream Mystic Pete’s entire album “BassPop” below, as well as the two Hallowee-themed music videos for “Bad Kill” and ‘Halloween Night”.

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New York Producers Metabards Release First Self-Titled EP

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As also seen over at Neon Vision Entertainment:

Today we will be pushing the already loose bonds of electronic music. Make way for the unique musical duo Metabards, its time for them to destroy the trip hop scene. While the duo has only performed three shows together in France, Brussels, and Cuba, they thrilled audiences with their exciting and artistic performances. We’ll give you second to pick your jaws up off of the floor. Maybe they will make their way to the United States soon…we can dream right?XMbh5ykGJuksArVuljgRlVJyCZrndKb22Ld5WzXySh4,5TVXGafYZiZjqi0V-VoohtsyB-txSIVuxso4l168nJY,WPc_CGcdXlnT5KwEJ1OWpjUN_auKz5rhGHoUYc1YFwE

The real question is, who are the Metabards? How come we have not heard of them before? Well the Metabards consist of insanely talented cousins Tiayana on vocals and Wisa1 on machines/crystal ball. Yes, a damn crystal ball. Tiayana first was transported into this mystical world of music at a tender age of 13 and has since traversed the world in search of musical variety. Whether it be India or Buenos Aires, nothing can stop Tiayana from discovering unique
music wherever composed. Quite the cultured musical nomad if we have to say so ourselves.

Wisa1 began his journey many years ago like everyone else, being a fan of electronic classics. Definitely not a newcomer onto the scene, Wisa1 spent the next ten years honing his craft…until he was visited by cosmic beings. As a result, we have this magnificent duo known as the Metabards.

Be sure to stream a track from the album below, and check out the rest of the EP!

You can listen to one of the first tracks below, but be sure to check out the whole EP!

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