Russian Duo Denis First & Reznikov Drop Emotional Dancefloor Bop “Empty”

While education in music isn’t necessarily required, some would argue that it definitely helps. This part of our trip we are stopping off at Enhanced music for “Empty”, a brand new track from Denis First and Reznikov.  Both coming from academically trained music backgrounds, the two began experimenting in electronic music while making unofficial remixes of their favorite tracks. The duo would later official form and release their first track back in 2016, with many other official remixes following. Now that they have dropped “Empty”, these two are showcasing their versatility in original tracks. If Denis First & Reznikov are not on your radar, that needs to be fixed.

It didn’t take forever to record this song – it was actually pretty quick! When we first heard the vocals, we knew how the music would sound so once we got to the studio, the idea was here already – all we had to do is to implement it into music. “Empty” turned out pretty emotional, and it makes you wanna dance and think about something significant at the same time.” – Denis First & Reznikov.

It takes quite a bit of skill to envoke the same amount of emotion as solid vibes on the dance floor. “Empty” gives off a precarious tone, as the track feels futuristic and progressive yet haunting at the same time. The track feels like we should put it on late at night as we drive down the highway. The soulful vocal work compliments the track as well, creating this eerie yet hopeful feeling of loneliness. These Russian producers may not have many originals under their belt, but “Empty” proves that their style is unique and still evolving.

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Denis First


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TELYKast Seduces Your Emotions in “Talk Again”

While we appreciate the finesse that is needed to craft a fantastic synth, we have to acknowledge that we admire those who use organic instruments. Keeping the weekend feel good vibes flowing we have “Talk Again” from MiR newcomers TELYKast over on the Admire label. This trio has been absolutely on fire since they began their career, having released tracks across multiple popular labels including RCA, Spinnin’ Records, and Enhanced Music. TELYKast live and breathe music, with each member coming from a different realm of music to come together as one. What impresses us is that TELYKast prides themselves in not using synths, as all sounds can be played and created with an organic instrument.

Talk again was written after a fresh heartbreak. Even though the whole song came together in one day almost 2 years ago, we spent a lot of time perfecting the musical parts to convey the feeling that the lyrics doWe feel everyone has had that person that they wish they could “Talk Again” with. We hope this song brings them one step closer to doing so.” – TELYKast

Music can be designed to strike right in the feels and sometimes those are the best tracks to just put on your headphones and vibe out. “Talk Again” tells the story about  the missing relationship that one loved in the past and is longing to re-connect. The track is an example of a perfect trifecta combination of impressioned vocal work, future bass sounds, and the use of organic instruments. When you play this track for the first time, be prepared for the emotional state that you will be forced into.

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Your Music Enhanced: JES, Joonas Hahmo & JS16 “The One”

Just because we are already pushing that Saturday hype doesn’t mean that the weekend parties are over just yet. Keeping your Saturday nice and thicc we have “The One”, the latest from amazing artist JES. If you haven’t had the pleasure of hearing JES, then you sincerely have been missing out as she has been making waves. JES has been featured on popular tracks such as Cosmic Gate’s “Fall Into You” and FATUM’s “Anything Can Happen”, the latter being featured in Armin Van Buuren’s “A State of Trance 2016” compilation. JES has been accepted by the global audience, having performed on every continent except for Antarctica.

It is always too far in between JES visits, and we need our fix ASAP. While JES is normally known for her melody-driven and lyrically deep tracks, she decided to treat us with a special treat as she strays off the path just a bit. Embracing an uplifting aura and already becoming absolutely contagious, JES continues to break the mold that herself and her audiences have created for his sound/career. Put another notch on the belt, as “The One” is a major collaboration with powerhouse producers Joonas Hahmo and JS16! Keep it coming JES, we support you.

“It’s always fun to break the mold of what people expect from you and surprise them with something totally different. There’s a strong sense of hopefulness in the lyrics of “The One” and I think the sound of the song really captures that. A lot of my songs have a more serious emotional feel, but with this one I got to have some fun and break the rules!” – JES

You can listen to “The One” on Spotify here:

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Credit – Katheryne Thomas

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