Newcomer Hariz Receives the Zookeper Treatment With a Zookeper Remix of “OVRBRD”

We at MiR absolutely enjoy it when newcomers have their work remixed by some seasoned talent. This week we have the latest from Zookeper over at Enhanced Music, who brings us a delicious remix from newcomer Hariz. Hariz recently released his debut track, “OVRBRD”, and we just had to cover it when Zookeper got his hands on it. If you are familiar with Zookeper, one of the original members of Cash Cash, you would know that his style was a perfect match with Hariz’s original track.

“I got sent this song by Hariz and I really liked the vocal melody and vibe of the record. Right away I had ideas for where to take the song’s production. I produced the song out with some horns and I sampled a piece of Hariz‘ original vocal to make up the bulk of the production. I changed the drum programming and did some additional sound design, the whole thing was done really quickly. I’m really happy I got to collaborate with Hariz on this release.” – Zookëper.

Now does Zookeper do the original track justice? Of course it does! The addition of Zookeper’s style takes an already amazing track and move it on up to the next level. While Hariz’s skill as a multi-instrumentalist adds plenty of amazing cred, Zookeper’s sound design takes the track and ramps it up with a concoction of rolling synths and heavy percussion. We can easily groove along as the track fills our office.

Make sure you give the “OVRBRD (Zookeper Remix) a full listen below:

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Enhance Your Music: Noah Neiman’s “Hold on to Love”

While you used to rise to popularity on the radio, now it’s all about rising up the ranks on the Internet. Today we have the latest release from Enhanced Music, with Noah Neiman’s “Hold on to Love”. Noah has already been releasing hit after dance hit, so his latest on Enhanced was definitely going to also be one, it’s a no-brainer. Noah has been gaining traction on many popular Spotify EDM playlists, even pushing him up on stage with the likes of Tritonal and Morgan Page. It doesn’t stop there either, as Noah has also gained support from both Hardwell and Nicky Romero.

As for the track, Noah’s “Hold on to Love” is a soft and upbeat track about fleeting love. Noah was able to snag the excellent Laci Kay, who also provides superb vocal work throughout the majority of the track. However, no one exactly explains “Hold on to Love” like the creator himself:

It all started with the vocal Synth in the drop. It was part of a vocal I found online and after working it into a melody, the track just started coming together really quickly and I ended up finishing the instrumental in a day or two. Then we needed a vocal. After working with Laci Kay on Long Way Home, we reached out to her and her management, and they sent back this amazing topline they had already written and the music and vocal just happened to match perfectly. It was pure serendipity! The rest will, hopefully, be history!” – Noah Neiman

Be sure you give “Hold on to Love” a full listen here:

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