Midnight Tyrannosaurus Debuts New “Mutation” EP on NGHTMRE & SLANDER’s Gud Vibrations

While we like to lavish in the world of bright melodies and feel good house beats, we need to take a trip down into the grime for a dose of filthy reality. This week we have Midnight Tyrannosaurus releasing his debut Mutation EP on NGHTMRE and SLANDER’s Gud Vibration label. Having been active for most of the previous decade, Midnight has written releases for many of the larger labels, with most of his work centered with Never Say Die’s Black Label. In promotion for this Mutation EP, Midnight is currently headling his first tour with more than forty stops around the world!

We are very excited to welcome Midnight Tyrannosaurus to the Gud Vibrations family! He is an incredibly talented producer that is truly pushing the boundaries of bass music. The one thing we love the most about Midnight T is that his songs are instantly recognizable and very unique. We can’t wait for the world to hear his new EP! We hope it really challenges listeners to open their minds to something new! Get ready!” – NGHTMRE & SLANDER

We should roll out the red carpet for the newest member of the Gud Vibrations family. Since Midnight Tyrannosaurus’s sound is a bit hard to place inside a genre box, be prepared for an absolute onslaught upon your senses. This Mutation EP may only be three tracks (or two and a half due to the length of “Styx”) the EP packs quite the hell of a punch. The EP’s title track introduces us to Midnight’s bone-crushingly heavy bass and synth work, while “Banana Planet” dips its toe in the world of tribal and paints a picture of a dystopian jungle. “Styx” rounds out the EP in a very minimalist fashion that fits into the mold relatively well.

Make sure you check out the Mutation EP on Spotify!

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Midnight Tyrannosaurus

Gud Vibrations

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In Just a Mere Blink, NGHTMRE Drops VIP Remix of “REDLIGHT” With A$AP Ferg

Now that remixing your own songs has become quite common, we are glad that we have been seeing another approach an artist could have made, much like a director’s cut. This week we are heading back over to Ultra for a brand new VIP remix of NGHTMRE and A$AP Ferg’s “REDLIGHT” we were treated to a few weeks ago.  NGHTMRE has been rather forceful and busy in 2018, with this easily flowing into 2019. On top of everything, NGHTMRE has been incredibly busy on tour, hitting every major festival as well as a residency at Hakkasan in Las Vegas. 2018 was a monumental year for NGHTMRE, so we can only dream of what the rest 2019 will hold. NGHTMRE isn’t the only one on this track with accolades though, as A$AP Ferg graces us with a solid rap performance on this track. Launching his career back in 2013, A$AP Ferg has already made a name for himself as a stand-out rapper, even earning the sweet triple platinum ranking for his single “Plain Jane”. When A$AP isn’t busy with his solo career, he is also apart of the A$AP Mob and runs multiple businesses…as well as an established painting hobby!

Alright, get out of the way and make room for the “Ace of Bass”. While we were just treated to the original collaboration just a few weeks ago, NGHTMRE is already back to show us how else the track could have turned out. NGHTMRE’s VIP remix of “REDLIGHT” takes every bit of the original production and enhances it for a heavier late night listening session. What does this mean you ask? Well, how about more machinations, heavier/grimier bass lines, and even an extra dose of industrial gunfire sounds. This remix reminds us of the unfiltered and mechanical style that NGHTMRE embraces in his solo music. You just can’t keep the “Ace of Bass” from doing what he knows best.

Make sure you check out NGHTMRE’s remix of “REDLIGHT” on Spotify below!

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The Wait is Finally Over, Shadient Drops Full “Divide EP” on Gud Vibrations

Alright alright, we feel like we have been teased long enough. This bright Friday morning we’re heading on over to Gud Vibrations for the now completed Divide EP from Shadient. While Shadient was created back in 2015, Shadient as made it a primary goal to continue pushing the boundaries that electronic music has set in place for him to break. Shadient has consistently looked forward into the future, which has garnered him plenty of support from Porter Robinson. Shadient has released quite a bit of music already, with most being over on Mat Zo’s Mad Zoo label.

From the get-go, it was this world of ideas I had rushing into my head of metallic and industrial imagery, dark visual aspects and noise and bass leaning music. Some of my more primary influences initially were GesaffelsteinBoys Noize, and Aphex Twin. Very minimalistic and dark European techno artists, but I always felt that palette could be explored more musically.” – Shadient

Man, about time this came out since we’ve been teasing it for almost a month now. Anyway, serving as the conclusion of this Divide EP we were treated to “Cyclone”, a hard-hitting and in your face dubstep track. “Cyclone” actually opens the EP, which sets the tone of the entire EP pretty damn quickly. While the track is aggressive right out of the gate, “Cyclone” has some other rhythmic beat to it that makes the track entirely danceable. While it may seem a bit out of play on the EP at first, Shadient infused plenty of drum and bass elements within its DNA that “Cyclone” fits right at home. Now that the EP is finally finished, the real question is, what is Shadient going to tackle next?

Make sure you check out the Divine EP on Spotify!

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Gud Vibrations

Shadient (c) Isha Shah

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