It’s No Longer An “Emergency”, But Sludge Is Ready to Strike Back and “Crush ‘Em”

Our next artist may very well be the leader of the next musical uprising, crushing their opponents under their heel. On our weekly stop by Heavyweight Records, we have  Sludge’s latest dubstep smash “Crush ‘Em”. After Sludge’s initial debut track “Blacksmith”, we were eager for what he would release next. Heavyweight has been a home for a more unique and darker selection of artists since its founding in 2017, focusing primarily on heavy bass and dark hip-hop. With a lineup of misfits including Gommi, Timmy Trumpet, GRAVEDGR, and now Sludge, we can’t wait to be made uncomfortable by whatever they put out next.

If Heavyweight Records has any hole to fill, it is in desperate need of more industrial music (totally) and Sludge is here to fit right in. Quickly becoming one of the up and comers in today’s scene, Sludge is trying to stand out from the crowd with his blend of dubstep, industrial, and glitch sound bites. Definitely an appeal to the thrash and headbangers in the crowd, Sludge utilizes mechanical effects to create an illusion that you are being made in a factory. The sawing synths only finalize this illusion, crafting a filthy machine-like experience to satisfy the average bass head.

Make sure you check out “Crush ‘Em” on Spotify below and on SoundCloud!

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Heavyweight Records

Ever Enigmatic GRAVEDGR Recruits Up-Comer Dabow For New Bout of Chaos “DON”

Move out of the way and make room for this artist, or you may be one of his new clients. As we continue on this adventure we head back over to Heavyweight Records for “DON” GRAVEDGR’s latest piece of chaos. Trying to make his mark as a standout producer to watch this year, GRAVEDGR is an enigmatic producer by night and an actual gravedigger by day. With a job like that, he is able to ponder the grey area of morality and how he can showcase the concept in his music. While simultaneously being scary/horrifying and melodic, GRAVEDGR is already pleasing the masses of bass heads throughout the world.

Alright, while we have been basking in the worlds of summer electropop and future bass, we have prepared ourselves for a complete senses assault. As always, GRAVEDGR definitely didn’t fail to deliver, and he may have found yet another producer that can content with the GRAVEDGR sound. Recruiting Argentine up-and-comer Dabow for assistance, “DON” is an amalgamation of hardstyle, hip-hop, and bass all in a single melting pop. GRAVEDGR first ropes us in with a hauntingly thematic intro, morphing quickly into the GRAVEDGR sound with a complimentary rap hook. Prepare yourselves for enough bone-shattering bass to satisfy our audible appetites.

Make sure you check out “DON” on Spotify below and on SoundCloud!

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Heavyweight Records

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Carnage Drops New Sinister “Holy Moly”, A Revenge Story Filled With Nuns

Once you are in a position like our next artist, it shouldn’t surprise anyone when they decide to push the envelope. This time we are taking a beat at Heavyweight for Carnage’s third single “Holy Moly” from his upcoming album. This Vegas-based producer made himself a pioneer in the hard bass and trap communities, finding his strive quickly. Carnage was even one of the first major artists to incorporate hip-hop elements into his work, creating a hard bass and urban style. Carnage went on to create Heavyweight Records in 2017, surrounding himself with crazily unique producers in the hardcore and hip-hop genres. While we have already been teased with two previous singles for this upcoming album, “Holy Moly” is just weird enough to have us hooked.

We have been covering Carnage and Heavyweight Records for quite some time now and we can definitely state that shock value is apart of the brand. Setting back from the hip-hop side of his style to dive headfirst back into the hardcore pool, “Holy Moly” is heavy and sinister that it is disconcerting but in the best way possible.  An intriguing mix of hardcore, bass music, and trap, the track is a fine addition to the Carnage catalog. The music video is what actually elevates “Holy Moly” to another level of corrupt and possibly controversial space. The music video tells the story of a young girl as she witnesses her mother’s murder and stumbles into a coven of nuns. Something isn’t as it seems, as this girl quickly learns how to take the sweet revenge she craves.


Carnage’s Upcoming Dates:

08.18.19 – Pacos De Ferreira, Portugal – Citania Summer Fest
08.22.19 – Nurburg, Germany – New Horizons Festival
08.23.19 – Munich, Germany – Neuraum
08.25.19 – Osaka, Japan – Music Circus
08.27.19 – Tokyo, Japan – Club Warp
09.01.19 – Houston, TX – CLE Nightclub
09.06.19 – Bangkok, Thailand – RARE: Bangkok
09.28.19 – Leon, Mexico – Holidance
10.04.19 – Atlanta, GA – Believe Music Hall

Make sure you check out “Hely Moly” on Spotify below or the music video on YouTube!

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Heavyweight Records

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