Experienced Producer Sad Money Solo Artist Debut on Ultra with “Le Freek”

Bring on the new blood! This time we are dropping by Ultra Records to refill our coffers of fresh blood for “La Freek”, the debut single of new solo artist Sad Money. Sad Money, also known as Mikhail Beltran, is a jack of all trades in the music production process. Writer? Check. Multi-Instrumentalist? Check. Producer? Of course. Beltran’s debut as a solo artist shows his deep love for classic house and techno influences, which is even clear when you look at his previous clientele. Beltran has plenty of experience as a producer, working with artists such as Sabrina Claudio, Khalid, and Pink Sweats.

Le Freek‘ is the feeling of pure energy I get when I’m in a flow state of not caring what anyone thinks.” – Sad Money

“La Freek” is definitely an interesting track to use a debut, as the minimalistic design sets a distinct style choice right away. Using a four by four bass line beat, the track reminds us of the 90s underground scene when electronic music wasn’t as accepted as now. Sad Money’s combination of the bass line, a lone kick drum, and an oddly uncomfortable vocal sample completes this homage. With this unique and urban style behind him, Sad Money has an interesting path ahead of him after his debut. Definitely keep your eye on this one.

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Sad Money

Ultra Records

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Melodic House Magnus Felix Cartal & Veronica Analyze Past Relationshipsin “Over It”

Felix Cartal is definitely one of our favorite artists to keep an eye on. This time we are heading off to Physical Presents for Felix’s latest track “Over It”. Felix has been busy, with multiple standalone productions with other producers including successful producer Kaskade. Felix will also be touring internationally so everyone will be able to see it sometime soon. Due to his most recent success, Felix has even garnered over 45 million streams over on his Spotify! Clearly, Felix, you are doing something right. “Over It’ is only the beginning of a new series of tracks for Felix, so stay tuned!

Veronica and I wrote this song while I was in LA. We did the whole demo super quickly. Over the next few months, I really wanted to refine it into something emotional that still works in the club. This has been one of the biggest songs of my set, and I can’t wait to see the reactions at my shows once people are familiar with it.”  – Felix Cartal 

Now let’s roll out the red carpet for this king of melodic house. Felix Cartal takes a deep introspective look into past relationships and friendships, expressing his feelings through music the most versatile language of all. The track is addictive and chill at the same time, showing its versatility at home and in the club scene. “Over It” feautres beautifully instrumental melodies that flow into Veronica’s breathy vocal work, capturing the essence of relationship finality. “Over It” follows up Cartal’s previous release “Love Me” with Lights, which has been certified Gold in Canada as well as racking up 15 million streams on Spotify!

Make sure you check out “Over It” on Spotify!

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Felix Cartal

Physical Presents

(c) Trevor Brady

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Party Favor & EZI Diverge From Their Path, New Acoustic Version of “Be Ok”

In an industry where different versions and edits are plentiful, it takes some serious skill to release a new version of your own track and make it sound as good as the original. Kicking off coverage we are heading on over to Area 25 for an acoustic version of “Be Ok” from Party Favor. When you have the chance to work with someone like Party Favor, that is definitely not an opportunity that you turn down. With an impressive resume as a genre-bending artist and producer, Party Favor has seen plenty of glory with his multitude of original tracks such as “MDR” and “Give It To Me Twice”. Party Favor has even accomplished quite a bit as a producer for major artists like Lil Jon and ASAP Ferg, with all of his work earning him an impressive 135 million streams on Spotify.

With one of the most diverse skill sets and resumes active in the industry, we had no doubt in out mind that Party Favro would knock this one out of the park. While the original version exuded a powerful and hopeful vocal performance, it was clearly overshadowed by Party Favor’s trap/future bass production. In this version however, EZI’s performance takes center stage as Party Favor strips the production down just to that of an acoustic guitar. Even the accompanying music video highlights EZI’s performance, as she is the sole focus of the entire video. As a more prominent member of the industry, we are glad to see that Party Favor is determined to showcase more rising talent.

What’s up next on the docket for Party Favor? Remixes are abounded, as a new remix of “Wait a Minute” by TroyBoi will be out soon, as well as a remix album for Layers on deck.

Make sure you check out the music video for “Be OK” on YouTube below!

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Party Favor


Party Favor © Koury Angelo

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