Prepare to be Deceived, Party Favor & Nonsens Trio Drop the Electro Trap “Gasoline”

When rather distinct styles like electro and trap clash in the studio, dancefloors will be set aflame. Heading on over to Area 25 we have “Gasoline”, the lastest from producers Party Favor and Nonsens. When you have the chance to work with someone like Party Favor, that is definitely not an opportunity that you turn down. With an impressive resume as a genre-bending artist and producer, Party Favor has seen plenty of glory with his multitude of original tracks such as “MDR” and “Give It To Me Twice”. Party Favor has even accomplished quite a bit as a producer for major artists like Lil Jon and ASAP Ferg, with all of his work earning him an impressive 135 million streams on Spotify.

Party Favor’s latest track, “Gasoline”, is not as innocent as it the intro makes it out to be. Party Favor’s recent hot streak with the likes of “Wasabi” and “Wait A Minute“, we know not to take one of his tracks on first listen. “Gasoline” appears to be a slow burn, keeping you complacent with a groovy instrumental beat and modified vocals to present the idea of an electro “Gasoline”. This doesn’t last long, however, as Party Favor knows exactly which knobs to twist to fit his production style. “Gasoline” quickly dissolves into a trap filled with a progressively harder drop and a bassline that evolves into a hard-hitting movement designed for you to lose your mind. While “Gasoline” may be a bit of a slow burn, it is a mere disguise to fool you.

Make sure you check out “Gasoline” on Spotify and on YouTube below!

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Party Favor


Party Favor © Koury Angelo

Disco:wax Alert! Nonsens Ft. The Palliative “Wildfire”

Alright, this next group is just pure Nonsens…and we fell directly into their trap. Kicking off our work week we have the latest from a new group to join the MiR fray with Nonsens and their new track “Wildfire”.  This Danish group is made up of three childhood friends who came together for their love of all different types of house music…all beginning on the island of Bornholm. Upon the creation of Nonsens, their remix of M.I.A.’s “Bad Girls” was well-received, even earning themselves a spot on Jay-Z’s record label. The group has been seeing continued successes, including their debut album Apollo featuring none other than Diplo. Damn.

Now how does “Wildfire” fit into the Nonsens catalog? Well, that question we can’t entirely answer ourselves. The track begins with a muted, even silky bass line that sets the entire theme/tone of the song. Once Nonsens sets the stage, The Palliative breaks through offering soothing vocal work to anyone who will listen…but easily complimenting Nonsens’s overall production. This attempt at this “vocal bass-electronica” style of music is what we’d like to see more often. Keep up the Nonsens!

The release of ‘Wildfire‘ marks a new era for us, where our music embraces a larger audience with the vocals and our signature sounds. The mix of our underground background and our work with many different artists in different genres has played an important role in creating ‘Wildfire.” – Nonsens

Be sure to listen to “Wildfire” in full below:

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