Trollhunter: There Really are Trolls in Norway.

Hello everybody! Today we have an interesting film about trolls. Yes I said trolls. Time for some Trollhunter.



STARRING: Otto Jespersen, Hans Morten Hansen, Tomas Alf Larsen, Johanna Mørck, Knut Nærum, Robert Stoltenberg, Glenn Erland, Tosterud

DIRECTOR: André Øvredal

GENRE: Dark Fantasy

YEAR: 2010


When bears are found dead in Norway, the students of the Volda University Thomas, Johanna and the cameraman Kalle decide to investigate. They stalk the trailer of the mysterious hunter Hans expecting to find an explanation for the killings. The reluctant Hans tries to flee from the youngsters, but he agrees that they film him in action provided they follow his orders. Sooner the trio of students learns that Hans is actually a troll hunter that works for a secret government agency. Further, several dangerous trolls have escaped from their territory and Hans is assigned to eliminate them.


Part Ghostbusters and Cloverfield — with a satiric touch of social conscience à la District 9 — Ovredal’s mix of dark comedy, hinterlands travelogue and divertingly rough CGI handiwork yields entertaining results, including Jespersen’s fantastically deadpan performance and the suspenseful, nervously funny interactions with their towering, sunlight-averse prey. (The wonderful troll design work by Håvard S. Johansen and Ivar Rødningen has a texturally icky authenticity.)

It’s to the movie’s credit how sweetly anthropological the film’s take on these fairy-tale stalwarts is, because for now it feels like a bracing, low-key corrective to summer’s in-your-face glut of superpower heroics.


It’s hardly a flawless film. The pacing staggers to the point of breaking at some points, and the constant details sometimes drag on painfully. Sometimes it teeters under the weight of its own pseudo-cleverness. But it’s also so farcically well-crafted that it still manages to be an overall entertaining film — bolstered by some absolutely stunningcinematography of Norway, no doubt. Not to mention that while it’s at times disconcerting, overall the film doesn’t suffer from the usual shaky-cam dizziness that plagues other films of its ilk.

Troll Hunter is a con, in many ways. It’s a satire and a gentle slap to the face of its genre, a smart, sassy and strangely sweet tale that subverts its contemporaries while still telling an innovative, entertaining story.


  •  Found Footage technique.
  • Mockumentary Genre.
  • Interesting characters.
  • Impressive Trolls.


  •  Choice of shots,
  • Main cast performance.

SCORE: 7.5 / 10

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Ylvis, The Norwegian Viral Craze

Hello everybody! Today I will be talking about Ylvis, yes I’m asking that question. What does the fox say?


The Fox by Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis has spread like wildfire. Ylvis has appeared on most notably Ellen and various other talk shows. The Fox, released via Youtube on the Tvnorge channel Sept. 3rd. As of writing this article, the view count is at 75,208,470.

Ylvis issued a statement saying that The Fox is not meant to be serious (I knew that after seeing the “furpile” in the first verse) but actually a stunt to promote season three of their show, Tonight with Ylvis. The show is much like Late Night with Jimmy Fallon or Conan, just in Norway. Any of their other songs have receives more views as well. You will be able to check out a few of my favorites at the end of the article.

it is simply amazing that such a crazy/unique thing can go viral. With the Internet as expansive as it is, it allows international media to quickly become as popular as our own media.

Here are a few my other favorites from Ylvis.

Stonehenge: A hair metal style song about the origins of Stonehenge.

Someone Like Me: A love ballad/dubstep about finding a mate who loves the dubstep.

Jay Egeland: A war song about Jay Egeland


It has also spawned hilarious parodies, react videos, and even was used in an Abercrombie and Fitch commercial. Check them out below.

Taryn Southern: What The Fox Doesn’t Say

Elders React: The Fox

Teens React: The Fox

Abercrombie and Fitch:

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Italobrothers New Track, Luminous Intensity

Italobrothers released a new track, coming back to the hands-up roots. I would say a spectacular second single for the new album. Hopefully they will finally release their second album soon.

Don’t worry, I will have another review (hopefully two, but that didn’t work out too well last time) up for you guys later.