WWE NXT |5-8-14|Who Will Face Neville at Take Over?

Hello my friends and welcome to my review of May 8th’s edition of NXT! Tonight our advertised main event is a Battle Royal to determine to Number One Contender for Adrian Neville’s NXT Championship! and one can only assume the winner of this battle royal will go on to challenge Neville at the next NXT special Take Over! Let’s get started!

Round One of The NXT Womens Championship Tournament.

Emma vs. Charlotte W/ Sasha Banks

We are starting off the night with the second part of round one of the Womens Championship Tourney! We saw both Sasha Banks and Natalya moves on to Round two last week and both Charlotte and Emma are looking to do the same thing, but they have to beat each other! Emma sadly ever since her debut to the main roster has not been on quite the roll! She has found her self stuck in a pointless story that involves her and Santino Marella being “in love,” but Emma has also been racking up quite a losing steak in NXT, but on the other hand her opponent, Charlotte has seen many victories as of late! Emma and Charlotte have faces off before and I’ll be honest there wasn’t much to this match! Emma got in little offense and Charlotte really dominated the majority of the match by using a couple of submission moves. Emma managed to get back into the match, but she used all of her time to pull out Venemma, The Female Snake Sock Puppet that I guess you can say is in love with Santino’s Cobra. Emma attempted to use The Cobra on Charlotte, but luck for Ms. Flair, Sasha Banks was there to warn her, Charlotte ducks and Emma connected The Cobra on Ms. Banks, but Charlotte rolled her up with an interesting pin she calls Charlotte’s Web to pick up the win.

Winner – Charlotte

Ranking – 4\10: Both these women are capable of so much more. I know on the main roster, Emma is stuck in that horrible story, but NXT is where I come to get away from that horrible story. Whenever I see Emma in action on NXT, I’ve come to expect a good match, but tonight was the opposite. Charlotte practically squashed Emma here tonight, and she looks to be the heavy favorite heading into Round Two. We will find out who she faces later tonight!

The Legionnaires (Sylvester Lefort & Marcus Louis) vs. Kalisto & El Local 

Next up is some tag team action between two unknown teams, first is a familiar face as the former manger of Rusev and Scott Dawson, Sylvester Lefort teams up with a new guy named Marcus Louis and they form The Legionnaires, and our next team see another familiar face in El Local and he is also teaming up with a new guy named Kalisto! So two of NXT’s jobbers are looking to step into the tag division! The match starts off with Local and Lefort, and The is the beginning of a one sided beat down! Lefort and Louis took turns tagging each other in to beat down on Local, but finally after waiting for so long Local got himself back in the match by preventing himself from going into the turnbuckle and landing a nice kick right between the eyes of Louis. Both Louis and Local made a tag to their partners. Kalisto comes in with a HUGE Spring Board Cross Body, catching Lefort, and than follows up with an interesting move, it looking kind of like a Cork Screw right into Lefort as he was running at him. Kalisto covered him for the pin, but Marcus Louis was there to break up the pin and even prevented an attack from El Local, or so he though. Louis tossed Local into the ropes, but Local caught himself between the ropes and hung there until Louis went running at him, but Local moved out of the way sending Louis outside the ring and than landed a Cross Body onto him on the outside! Back in the ring Kalisto remains in control as he hits Lefort with many stiff kicks before bouncing into the ropes with a Hand Stand and quickly turning it around to land a kick right to the side of the skull of Lefort. Kalisto covered for a three count.

Winners – Kalisto & El Local

Rating – 5\10: The beginning of this match was such a bore, but the second Kalisto got into this match it got exciting. Kalisto showed of his Lucha skill in the ring tonight and picked up his first win on his debut night. It seems like the NXT Tag Division is beginning to fill up nicely and I’m excited to not only see where this goes, but to see where Kalisto goes in his career!

Camacho vs. Captain Comic

Before this match even was announced, we saw a video of Adam Rose “pumping up” his Rosebud! The match is taking place all because of what happened last week. Captain Comic bumped into Camacho, so after Adam Rose defeated Danny Burch last week, and his Rosebuds came out to join him to celebrate his victory, but Camacho ran down and clotheslined Captain Comic from behind! So tonight the two our facing off, and it was a complete squash as it should of been. Camacho really took it to Comic with hard hitting moves such as, The Dropkick, Wrestling Slams, Jumping Leg Drops and even finished off the match with a Running Samoan Drop!

Winner – Camacho

Rating – 5\10: It’s kind of funny how we have come full circle. Camacho, who used to be a jobber himself, is now doing the jobbing! The was a clever way to keep the feud between Camacho and Rose in our minds, while at the same time limiting their time together. After the match Camacho was looking to beat down on Captain Comic some more, but Rose rushed to the ring to protect his Rosebud. Adam stood there and dared Camacho to come back into the ring as Camacho left. Even though this was a short and one sided match. It actually accomplished quite a lot! Not only to it further the feud between Camacho and Adam Rose, but it showed that Camacho is actually not as green as I thought he was and it even showed character development for Rose, who is usually shown as always happy, but showed tonight he isn’t to happy when one of his Rosebuds are getting beaten up!

Backstage Promos by Alicia Fox & Alexa Bliss

Up next in the final match in Round one of The NXT Womens Championship tourney, but before the match we have two promos by the two women who will be competing in a bit. First is former Divas Champion, Alicia Fox who tells us she can see the future and she sees gold in her future and ends by saying Haters are going to Hate and Winners are to going to Celebrate. Up next is the debuting Alexa Bliss who seems to be playing a good girl kind of character. She expresses how she would love to be take Paige’s place as the Champion and ends her promo by saying when it comes to her, everything is Bliss!

Round One of The NXT Womens Championship Tournament.

Alicia Fox vs. Alexa Bliss

Now it is time for the final match of Round one of the NXT Championship Tourney. We know next week Sasha Banks will face off against Natalya in Round two and Charlotte will be facing either former Divas Champion, Alicia Fox of the debuting Alexa Bliss. Bliss came out with a sparkling Tutu on and even blew glitter at the NXT Universe. I believe Renee Young called her a Fairy, but she reminds me a little more of my friend Alicia honestly or maybe even a Disney Princess. Fox poked fun at the size difference, Bliss is 5 foot something while Fox stands at Six feet! Bliss caught Fox off guard in the beginning, but that did not last long. Alicia Fox hit a hard Tilt a Whirl Back Breaker that did not put Bliss away. Fox kept on with the offense though as she locked in a head lock and kept it locked in, until Bliss fought out of it. Alexa bounced off the ropes, but Alicia caught her and attempted to hit another Tilt O Whirl Back Breaker, but Bliss revered it into a Small Package Pin, to pick up the upset victory.

Winner – Alexa Bliss

Rating – 5\10: Alexa Bliss impresses on her debut as she beats a former Divas Champion, ans she continues on to Round Two, but she has a tough challenge against the heavy favorite, Charlotte! The match itself wasn’t to great, we saw to much dominance from Ms. Fox and even a head lock that felt like forever. I know Fox is capable of more than that, but I don’t know much about Bliss, but who knows maybe she can upset Charlotte and go on to become the New NXT Womens Champion!

Backstage Interview W/Adrian Neville (c)

Devin Taylor is backstage with our NXT Champion, Adrian Neville. First Devin congratulates Neville on a successful title defense against Brodus Clay last week and goes on to ask him about The Battle Royal tonight to determine the Number One Contender for his title. Neville thanks Devin, and goes on to say The Funkasaurous, Brodus Clay is extinct and all that is left his him. He than goes on to say whoever wins this battle royal tonight has his respect and puts over how hard battle royals and even mentions how Cesaro won The Andre the Giant Battle Royal. Neville ends the interview by saying he looks forward to the match!

Battle Royal for The Number One Contender for the NXT World Championship!

It is now time for our Main Event! Whoever wins this Battle Royal will go on to challenge Adrian Neville for the NXT Championship at NXT: Take Over. I don’t know the names of everyone in the battle royal so I’m just going to name off the ones I know. So in the ring after our commercial breaks our superstars such as, Brodus Clay, Aiden English, The Legionnaires, Kalisto, El Local, Colin Cassady, Oliver Grey, Mason Ryan, Yoshi Tatsu, Xavier Woods, and that is all I caught! Mojo Rawley comes out next, and after him is Sami Zayn, during Zayn’s entrance I also saw at the corner of my eye Tyler Breeze and Tyson Kidd get into the ring as well, and the final superstar to make his entrance his the former and longest reigning NXT Champion, Bo Dallas! The Battle royal begins and it is not to long until we have our first elimination, as Brodus Clay tossed out the now released Oliver Grey!

Brodus Clay Eliminates Oliver Grey.

and quickly just as Oliver Grey is gone we have our next elimination, as Brodus Clay tosses out the former WWE Tag Team Champion, Curt Hawkins.

Brodus Clay Eliminates Curt Hawkins.

The superstars begin to brawl once again, but its not to long until we see a group of superstars gang up on the biggest competitor, to work together to get our next elimination.

Multiple Superstars Eliminate Brodus Clay.

Once again the superstars begin to brawl. We see many superstars trying to eliminate the others, but none succeed, but one! Aiden English tosses Danny Burch out of the ring

Aiden English Eliminates Danny Burch.

The superstars go back to brawling, we even get to see El Local connect with a stiff kick to the side of the skull of Camacho, but our next Big Guy makes his presence known, its to bad he just got released not to long ago. Mason Ryan lifts Aiden English over his head and tosses him onto Danny Burch.

Mason Ryan Eliminates Aiden English.

After that elimination, Ryan taunted English while he leaned against the ropes. Honestly Camacho could of tossed him over, but instead we go to commercial break. Once were back for the commercial we see El Local and another superstar, sadly I did not see who it was but they were also eliminated. We were also told during the commercial break Xavier Woods was tossed over, but he landed on the steel steps! Baron Corbin almost eliminates Camacho, but he just hung on. After awhile a Yoshi Tatsu chant broke out for the first time ever in WWE! Mason Ryan his beating down on former NXT Champ, Bo Dallas, meanwhile we see Sylvester Lefort trying to eliminated Kalisto, but Kalisto turns it around and ends up Hurricaraning Lefort and himself over the ropes and down to the floor.

Kalisto Eliminates Sylvester Lefort & Himself.

It is a little while until our next elimination, in the mean time we see many of the superstars battling. There our many superstars left, Xavier Woods and Camacho start to have a chop battle in the middle of the ring as the two traded knife edge tops, but it wasn’t long until Camacho backed up against the ropes. Woods went after Camacho, but he pushed him off, but Woods ran right at Camacho and clotheslined himself and Camacho over the ropes and to the floor.

Xavier Woods Eliminates Camacho & Himself.

The commentators pointed out there our still quite a few big guys in the match, pointing out Mojo Rawley, Mason Ryan, Baron Corbin and Colin Cassady witch could be a very bad thing for late in a battle royal. The commentators also point out that Bo Dallas won last years battle royal and than begin to talk about Sami Zayn, while Zayn attempts to eliminate Baron Corbin, but Dallas attacks him, meanwhile Jason Jordan manages to come up with a huge elimination when he tossed Mojo Rawley over!

Jason Jordan Eliminates Mojo Rawley.

The ring is starting to become more angry. The following superstars remain, Bo Dallas, Sami Zayn, Mason Ryan, Colin Cassady, Tyler Breeze, Baron Corbin, Yoshi Tatsu, and Tyson Kidd and Jason Jordan. Jordan looks to take out yet another big guy. He picks a battle with Baron Corbin, that see him almost get eliminated, but as Corbin went running at him Jordan hits him with a forearm and goes to launch himself back into the ring at Corbin, but Corbin puts his hands up and shoves Jason Jordan out of the ring.

Baron Corbin Eliminates Jason Jordan.

Former NXT World Champion, Bo Dallas goes right after Baron Corbin after the elimination. The two begin to brawl while another Yoshi Tatsu chant breaks out! Dallas has Corbin against the ropes and clotheslines him over them to eliminate him!

Bo Dallas Eliminates Baron Corbin.

Jason Alexander cries over the fact his pick, Baron Corbin, was eliminated! Meanwhile Bo Dallas than picks a fight with Yoshi Tatsu, but Tatsu fights back and has the Former Champ against the ropes. Tatsu goes for a kick to the head of Dallas, but Bo is able to duck it and clotheslines Tatsu over the ropes for another elimination!

Bo Dallas Eliminates Yoshi Tatsu.

The NXT Universe was not to happy to see the man they have been cheering for, Yoshi Tatsu eliminated, and Bo now joins Colin Cassady in the corner to beat down on Mason Ryan. Ryan gets outs of the corner and lifts Bo up onto his shoulders and begins to run, but Bo slides down and uses Ryan’s momentum against him and Mason flies over the ropes!

Bo Dallas Eliminates Mason Ryan.

The Commentators mention there are only five superstars left, but not for long as Bo makes it four in a row when he runs at Colin Cassady, who is leaning up against the ropes, and clotheslines Cassady out of the ring!

Bo Dallas Eliminates Colin Cassady.

and We are down to our Final Four! Bo Dallas, Tyler Breeze, Sami Zayn and Tyson Kidd. I can see all four of these men getting a title shot! Bo has history and almost feels naked without the NXT Title around his waist, Breeze has been rising up in popularity, many feel Zayn should of been the one to take the title of Bo’s waist and Kidd has been on a roll since he began to call NXT his home picking up victories over both Mason Ryan and former champ, Bo Dallas and even earning my Superstar of the Week award Two Weeks in a Row! Dallas quickly after eliminating Cassady goes after the closest superstar next to him, witch just so happens to be Tyson Kidd! Dallas grabs Kidd and looks to toss Kidd over the ropes and make it five in a row, but Tyson reverses it and ends up tossing Bo over the ropes!

Tyson Kidd Eliminates Bo Dallas.

The former champion is stunned and pissed! Kidd goes after Breeze, and the two begin to brawl. Breeze tosses Kidd over the ropes, but Tyson hangs on and hits Breeze with a kick to the side of the head before sliding back into the ring. Tyson began bouncing of the ropes, but Breeze catches him off guard with The Beauty Shot! Kidd seems to be knocked out, Breeze tried to lift him but can’t and turns his attention towards Sami Zayn! These two begin to put on a mini match, but it makes its way back into the battle royal as Zayn has Breeze on the outside and is trying to eliminate him. Zayn hits Breeze with some hard punches to the face But Breeze manages to hand on on hit a shoulder thrust into Zayn’s gut between the rings. Breeze than tosses Zayn out of the ring, but Zayn quite literally hangs on. Tyler Breeze returns the favor to Zayn as he strikes him with some punches to the head and gut, as he tries to eliminate him. Tyson Kidd comes running up from behind, but Breeze tosses him over as well almost eliminating Kidd, but just like Zayn Tyson barley hangs on. Both Kidd and Zayn are hanging their while Breeze hammers them with fist. Tyson manages to get his legs around the throat of Breeze and he pulls him over the ropes to eliminate him, but Breeze hits Sami Zayn on his way down and it would appear that all three superstars hit the ground at the same time!

Winner – N/A

Rating – 8/10: This wasn’t you normal battle royal, every body except really Oliver Grey and Curt Hawkins, had their time to shine. We even got to see more from superstars like Jason Jordan, Baron Corbin and Yoshi Tatsu! The highlight of the match was the ending though! I was not expecting to see Three Men eliminated at the same time. Right after it happened the NXT Universe began to chant “Triple Threat” While all three superstars argued. We see the elimination played back in slow-mo and in reality Tyler Breeze one, his feet were the last to touch. I know it and even the NXT Universe knew it went they began to chant his name. Despite how easy is was to see the refs could not, and this actually led to a bit a bit of a mini brawl between Kidd and Zayn of all people! The Universe began to chant for JBL, but instead The COO of the WWE came down and Triple asked the crowd what they should do about this situation, they began to chant Triple Threat again and Triple H says the know whats best for business and next week Tyson Kidd, Sami Zayn and Tyler Breeze will fight in a Triple Threat Match for the Number One Contendership for Adrian Neville’s NXT World Championship!

Superstar of the Night – Alexa Bliss

I was originally going to give this to whoever one the battle royal, but no one won. Than I though about giving it to Charlotte since she moved on and his the favorite to win the NXT Womens Championship Tourney, or maybe Kalisto who won his debut match tonight, but Alexa did both. Just like Charlotte she moves on to Round Two and just like Kalisto she won her debut match as well, but unlike both Kalisto and Charlotte she beat a former WWE Divas Champion in Alicia Fox! Alexa Bliss certainly is very attractive, and I’m excited to see more from her, and I feel she has a great future here in the WWE and maybe even NXT!

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WWE NXT |5-1-14| Round 1 of The Womens Tournament!

Hello My friends and welcome to my review of May first’s edition of NXT! Tonight! Tonight’s advertised main event if for the NXT World Championship! As the NXT World Champion, Adrian Neville will defend his title against Brodus Clay in a No Disqualification Match! Also former NXT World Champion, Bo Dallas returns to NXT tonight!


Triple H has an Announcement!

Before the NXT Intro is even shown, Triple H is in the ring and has an announcement. Triple H is welcomed by “NXT” Chants and he even used this time to put over some superstars, such as The Shield, The Wyatts, Big E, Damien Sandow, Cesaro and even our New Divas Champion, Paige. All of the superstars have one thing in common and that is they all came from NXT! The Game goes on to say NXT has kind of been Taking Over, and uses this time to announce NXT’s second special, NXT: Take Over, witch will air on May 29th I believe!

Tyson Kidd vs. Bo Dallas

Tyson Kidd is going to open the show tonight, and Kidd made his first appearance on NXT last week when he defeated Mason Ryan, and than later on to become the Superstar of the Night! Kidd makes his second appearance but tonight he faces a bigger threat than Ryan, and that is the longest reigning NXT World Champion, Bo Dallas! Dallas hasn’t been doing to well ever since he lost his NXT World Championship. We saw a failed attempt of Occupy NXT, he lost his rematch to Neville for the World Title and he hasn’t been winning any of his matches. Quite possibly the only good thing for Bo right now is that he is set to debut on the WWE Main roster soon! Tonight on NXT Bo did come out to a new theme with a new entrance video, that definitely fit more than his previous one! The match it self was great! Tyson had the early advantage over Bo, using his speed against him, but Dallas was able to get back in the match after he went outside of the ring and countered one on Kidd’s moves. Bo than got back in and made sure to keep Kidd grounded with numerous submission holds and huge slams! Tyson did manage to get back into the match as he countered one of Bo’s counters and turned it into his favor as Bo ran right into a stiff kick from Tyson followed up by Kidd’s Blockbuster! To pick himself up a huge victory over Bo Dallas!

Winner – Tyson Kidd

Rating – 8\10: I have a feeling these two could put on a better match, but for there first time facing off (At least to my knowledge) they put on a great opening bout! WWE must really be committed to Tyson! Not only did they send him down to NXT, which I personally feel is a great idea, but giving him the victory over the former and the longest reigning NXT Champion! Not to mention the fact that Bo will debut on WWE’s main roster soon, so I would expect him to be built up as a threat, but instead Tyson was given the rub! and with NXT: Take Over coming up soon! I expect Tyson Kidd, to be a big part of it. As for Bo, he now finds himself in a weird place in his career. I keep mentioning he debut to the Main Roster, and that is Huge for Bo! but right now in NXT, its just more and more bad news for Bo! He lost his title and rematch, he failed to get Occupy NXT to work and now he loses to Tyson Kidd! It’s starting to get a little hard, Bo-Leiving in Bo Dallas!

Backstage Interview w/Camacho 

Devin Taylor is backstage with Camacho, and she asks him about his feud with Adam Rose. Camacho makes it clear that he is NOT a Party Pooper, and he throws the best parties in NXT and even says his parties make Adam Rose’s parties look like Bingo! Rose shows up and tells Camacho no matter where Adam Rose goes its always Party Time and than a Party Begins. Camacho stood their for a bit looking very annoyed and even gave Rose a very nasty stare until he walked away from the part, but while all the was happening Rose just continued to party! Rose will be making his debut on Monday Night Raw this week, so I suggest you guys do not miss it, but as for Camacho, he has been really impressing me as of late! I used to have so many complaint, but the upset victory over the now released Oliver Grey and than with an impressive promo here. Camacho is starting to look good! I heard a rumor the WWE is looking to make Camacho a main part of the show, and if he keeps this up I have no problem with it!

NXT Womens Champion Tournament Bracket!

So last week on NXT, General Manger JBL striped Paige of her NXT Womens Championship because it was not fair to NXT since Paige know how priorities with WWE now that she is the New Divas Champion, so it was announced last week that there would be a tournament to determine the next NXT Womens Championship and here is what the Bracket looks like!

Bayley vs Sasha Banks

Natalya vs. Layla

Emma vs. Charlotte

Alexa Bliss vs. Alicia Fox

It is announced that later tonight Bayley and Sasha Banks will face off tonight in the first round of the tournament, and the winner of that match will face Natalya or Layla next!

Backstage Exclusive W/Bayley & Sasha Banks

First we are shown Bayley as she hypes her match with Sasha Banks, and even goes on to say the NXT Womens Championship means more to her than 10 Hugs from John Cena and 5 High Fives from Big E and than goes on to say the only thing standing in her way is Ms. Banks, and she is going to give her the one, two tonight! Next up is Sasha’s video were she briefly hypes up her match by saying now that the Pale Princess is gong (Paige) that she is going to take over the NXT Womens Division and tonight she starts with Bayley and goes on to state she will knock Bayley sideways Pony Tail straight! Both of these women put on decent promos, Bayley’s was a little strange, but it played to her character. Sasha really shined here though. In this promo we got to see Sasha’s specialty witch would appear to be the Microphone! She can improve on the ring skills, so Sasha could definitely be a threat for the NXT Womens Championship and even the WWE Divas Championship, in the future!

NXT Womens Championship Tournament Round 1!

Bayley vs. Sasha Banks W/Charlotte 

The first round of the NXT Womens Championship Tournament starts tonight, and we are starting off with Da Boss, Sasha Banks taking on long time rival, Bayley! Bayley came out first, and I think every superstar in NXT has gotten a new entrance video, because both Divas had a new one, but back to Bayley, not only did she receive a new entrance video, but during this entrance, Inflatable Arm Waving Tube Men, make an appearance and I hope this is a constant thing during Bayley’s entrance, because it would fit her nicely! Bayley tried to end the match quick as she pinned Sasha in many creative ways, but Banks was able to kick out every time and get the upper hand over Bayley with a stiff knee. Sasha maintained control, as she kept Bayley grounded with submission moves, but Bayley withstood the damage and got back into the match with a Belly to Bayley! Sasha manged to roll out of the ring, and get back in control once she got back in the ring, by immediately hitting Bankrupt on Bayley and covering for what looked like to be a three, but Bayley barely kicking out. Sasha once again looked at Bankrupt, but Bayley countered into a Belly to Bayley, but before she could get it off, Banks got out of the waist lock, and got behind Bayley to do a Back Stabber, followed by a Cross Face to force Bayley to tap out, and move Sasha to round two in the Womens Championship Tournament!

Winner & Moving on to Round 2 – Sasha Banks

Rating – 7/10: I think Bayley and Sasha put on their best match against each other tonight! It may not have been long, but they fought hard for it and defiently made it feel like they both wanted to win this tournament! Both Banks and Bayley kicked out of each others finishing moves, but it was Sasha who proved to be more creative, as she came up with the Back Breaker/Cross Face Combination to finish the match! Banks finally ends her losing streak, and moves on to Round 2 in the NXT Womens Championship Tourney! Later on tonight Natalya will face Layla in Round 1 of this tourney and the winner of the match will face Sasha Banks in round 2! So Banks definitely has a challenge in store for her, no matter who wins!

Brodus Clay Video Package

We are shown a video package meant to hype up Brodus Clay! The package did its job, and that was to show off the monster Clay could be! We saw him destroy many talents from Xavier woods to even the NXT World Champion, Adrian Neville! The Video ends by showing off Clay’s beat down on Neville and even showing his missing teeth! Later on tonight those two will face off in a NO DQ match for the NXT Championship!

Adam Rose vs. Danny Burch

The Exotic Express is rolling through NXT tonight! We saw earlier that Adam Rose was in the building when he interrupted Camacho’s interview, and tonight he will take on one of the resident jobbers in NXT, Danny Burch! An interesting thing about Mr. Burch is he actually does not work for the WWE anymore! NXT is not recorded on a weekly basis like Raw and Smackdown, numerous episodes on NXT are recorded during the same week, sometimes days! We saw the same thing happen with Kassius Ohno, and the same thing with Danny Burch! Burch alongside, Shaul Guerrero, Oliver Grey and Mason Ryan and one other superstar were released a couple days ago. Anyway, on to the match it was just the normal Adam Rose match. Burch did get some offense in but it needed up being his biggest mistake, as is fired Rose up and led to him hitting Burch with The Party…something! I don’t remember what they called it to be honest, but it was basically a Headlock Driver for the three count!

Winner – Adam Rose

Rating – 5\10: Adam Rose is clearly over with the NXT Universe, because they stood behind him tonight! I’m mentioned earlier that Rose is set to debut this week on Monday Night Raw, and I’m interested to see how well he does on the main roster, and how the much bigger NXT Universe, otherwise known as the WWE Universe reacts to Rose this week on Raw, but after the match ended The Exotic Express came down to the ring, but Camacho came racing down the ramp and clotheslined a member of The Exotic Express! The rivalry between Camacho and Rose has taken its first step, and let’s see where it goes from here!

Backstage Interview W/ Brodus Clay

Clay is walking around back, when one of the interviewers walk up and ask him about his match against Neville later tonight. Clay looked very crazy in this promo, and went on to remind us that the WWE has taking everything from him, but now he is the selfish one and he is doing the taking, than brings up the fact that he took Neville’s smile when he knocked his teeth out, and tonight he is going to take the NXT Championship! Clay looked kind of crazy in this promo, and if this is part of his character, than he pulled it off well, but if its not than it came across wrong!

NXT Womens Championship Tournament Round 1!

Natalya vs. Layla

Part one of Round 1 ends tonight, earlier we saw Sasha Banks defeat Bayley to move on into Round 2, and now we will find out who Sasha will face in round 2, as two former Divas Champions face off tonight! First out was Natalya who many consider to be the best female athlete under a WWE Contract right now and she will be facing the new Dance Partner of Fandango, Layla! Early on Layla controlled Natalya with numerous submission holds, and she definitely showed of her cocky side, because she took every opportunity to show off her dance skills. Its good to see Layla commit to this character! and I got to say I would of never thought Layla and Fandango was a good idea, but so far it works. Natalya was able to get back into the match up by counter most of Layla’s moves. She even hit Layla with that beautiful Discuss Clothesline! That has to be my favorite move of Nattie’s move set! Natalya was looking to lock in the Sharpshooter, but Layla managed to get out of it and lock Nattie in a headlock, but that came back to haunt her, as Natalya powered out and caught Layla in the Sharpshooter and forced her to tap out!

Winner & Moving on to Round 2 – Natalya

Rating – 7\10: Seeing two former Divas Champion face off on NXT is a treat! I could see both women facing off against Sasha Banks! Given Natalya’s history with The BFFs, it makes sense to have her win, but Layla replaced the head of The BFFs, Summer Rae, as Fandango’s dance partner, so maybe The BFFs could of gotten some revenge, but we know now for sure that in Round 2 Sasha Banks will face Natalya, and that is a huge match for Banks. I’m not sure if the two have faced off before, but I’m excited for this match!

Backstage Interview W/ Adrian Neville (c)

An Interviewer ask Neville about his Title Defense against Brodus Clay tonight. Neville tells the interviewer that his will not lose to a guy like Clay and says he did knock his teeth about but he got the replaced, but says the NXT title is irreplaceable, he also states tonight he won’t be him by count out, but in the middle of the ring by pin fall! You could feel the aggression and passion from Neville in the promo tonight!

Oliver Grey vs. Mojo Rawley 

I mentioned early some superstars were released from NXT not to long ago. Along with Danny Burch and Mason Ryan, another superstar that got released was Oliver Grey. Oliver Grey was once one half of the NXT Tag Team Champion with the current NXT World Champ, Adrian Neville! I believe they never lost those titles, instead they were force to vacate the titles after Grey tore is ACL at the hands of The Wyatt Family! Just a few weeks ago Grey returned to NXT and made his debut on the WWE Network in a match with Camacho, and to my surprise Camacho won! Now tonight Grey takes on the man who doesn’t get Hype, but stays Hype! Mojo Rawley! Grey’s entrance was different from his last one. It seems like he is playing the heel here, despite the fact how he was just a face a few weeks ago. The match was still nothing to special, Mojo dominated the majority of it. There is one thing I want to bring attention to though, and that is that Oliver Grey made Mojo look good tonight. He sold his moves very well and just made it seem like no matter what he did he just could not stop Mojo!

Winner – Mojo Rawley

Rating – 5\10: Nothing special here tonight, except that could quite possibly be Grey’s final match! After the match though, Aiden English came out and stated he will not tolerate fools anymore and Mojo Rawley is a fool. He demand Rawley get out of the ring, but Mojo turned his back to Aiden and Hyped of the fans. English took this opportunity to attack Rawley from behind, and just as it looked like English had gotten the upper hand, Mojo turned it around to his favor and took Aiden out by clothesling him over the ropes to the outside! So finally Mojo gets a rivalry, and I’m hoping we see more out of him! I want to like him, but as of right now, Nothing Mojo does entertains me!

No Disqualification Match for the NXT World Championship

Brodus Clay vs. Adrian Neville (c)

Our main event of the night is for the NXT World Championship! Brodus Clay came back to NXT to use it as his career launch pad after the WWE took everything away from him. He mad his intentions clear, he wanted the NXT World Championship and was going to destroy any body who stood in his way, especially Adrian Neville! The two faced off a couple weeks ago, and Neville got the victory via Count Out! Clay made it personal though and attacked Adrian backstage and knocked is teeth out forcing Neville to get fake teeth. Neville requested this match here tonight because he wants to prove he can beat Clay 1..2..3! Before the match can even start Clay grabbed the NXT Championship and began to taunt Neville with it, but The Champ was not having it as he quickly jumps and lands a forearm on Clay and began to take it him eventually sending Clay to the outside of the ring after Drop Kicking him off the apron! Clay did manage to get in control for the rest of the match as he continued to hit Neville with many slams from Belly to Bellies to “Better Than Batista” Power Bombs! It looked like Clay had won the match after hitting The Huge Splash from the top turnbuckle, but Neville managed to kick out! Clay looked to take advantage of the No DQ Rules and grabbed the NXT Championship, but it came back to haunt it as he let Neville catch his breath witch than allowed him to kick the title into Clay’s chest and hit The Red Arrow on Clay to retain his championship!

Winner & Still NXT World Champion – Adrian Neville

Rating – 6\10: Neville can sure take a beating, because he took many slams from Clay, but once again Neville proves his heart as he would not stay down for Clay and was even able to pull through and win! One has to wonder if this is the end of Clay vs. Neville! I can see it going on but if not who will step up and challenge Neville? or an even better question, Will Clay stay on NXT or fade away from competition! His best bet is to stay on NXT and become a monster on the show!

Superstar of the Night – Tyson Kidd

For the second week in a row Kidd picks up the superstar of the night award. Even though the show had many highlight from Sasha Banks and Kidd’s own wife Natalya moving on to Round 2 in the NXT Womens Championship tournament, but Adrian Neville successfully retained his championship against his biggest challenge yet, Brodus Clay. Tonight though, Kidd made the biggest splash. Tyson Kidd picked up a victory over the Former and Longest reigning NXT Champion Bo Dallas, and if you think about it with Bo’s debut coming up rather soon, its quite impressive to see Kidd manage to beat him, and no that it seems Neville is done with Clay, maybe Tyson is next in line for a World Championship shot! NXT: Take Over is not so far away!

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WWE NXT |4-10-14|- They Stoped Bo-Lieving!


Hello my friends and welcome to my review of April 10ths edition of NXT. This week, a special announcement by Bo Dallas is being hyped! So let’s see what the Former NXT World Champion had to say!

Adam Rose vs. Danny Burch

We start off the night with The Party Man himself! Adam Rose, I know The Adam Rose character is still really early into its role, but he already has me hooked along with the NXT Universe! Whether Rose goes on to be a World Champion or a Jobber in the WWE, one this is for sure, his entrance will always be remembered. Most entrances that are memorable are the creepy ones such as, The Undertaker’s Kane,s and even The Boogeyman’s, so it’s nice to see an entrance that doesn’t rely on the dark and is just a party all the way down to the ring! Rose takes on a regular in the NXT jobber department, Danny Burch. As you would expect with this match, it was mostly Rose, but Burch did get in a few chops I believe, but Adam dominated Burch for the majority of the match, up until he landed an impressive looking flying forearm onto the face of Danny Burch to cover him for the three!

Winner – Adam Rose

Rating – 5\10: Just your basic jobber match here. Burch provided little to no damage to Rose in this match. It seems like Rose is all about fun in the beginning of the matches, but once you piss him off you unlock the other side of him. I’ll be the first to admit, in ring, there is a lot to be desired from Adam Rose, but his character is so fun! We recently so a Vignette for the debut of Adam Rose to the main roster this past Monday Night Raw, and I’ll be the first to say, I think it is a great idea! The way the crowds have been reacting to talent lately really leaves me with high hopes for this one. I can see the crowd singing Rose’s theme during his matches and even chanting his name. I’ll be honest, his popularity may propel him to the Upper Mid-Card Scene/Main Event Scene quick!

Devin Taylor Interviews Corey Graves

Before Graves is interviewed, Devin interviews The Ref of last weeks match against Sami Zayn and Corey Graves. The Ref goes on to explain that Sami was unresponsive to him and he had to end the match. Than Graves is interviewed about the match, Graves goes on to cut an impressive promo practically stating that a win is a win, no matter what happens!

Bayley vs. Sasha Banks w/ Charlotte

Next up we have some Divas action, and with Paige winning the Divas Championship this past Monday Night Raw, I look for her to drop the NXT Womens Championship very soon, and two names you don’t hear brought up a lot for the possible next Womens Champion, both Bayley and Sasha Banks have been very impressive. A couple of weeks ago Bayley picked up the victory over Banks, and Sasha has been on quite of a losing streak lately, but tonight she is looking to end that, and with Charlotte by her side, this should be easy, but Bayley puts up the fight to Sasha and honestly she looks really good in the ring. Bayley showed of some great skills tonight as she reversed majority of Banks moves, and when things started to look bad for Bayley, she got out of Banks Choke Hold and turned it into The Belly to Bailey to pick up yet another win over “The Boss” Sasha Banks!

Winner- Bayley

Rating – 6\10: Bayley got to show off a lot more of her move set tonight, and honestly with both Paige and Emma debuting on the main roster, look for Bayley to take over as the main face of the NXT Womens Divsion. Banks is also impressive, but as of late she has been reduced to Enhancement Talent. I still expect Charlotte to take the Womens Championship away from Paige, but expect Bayley and quite possible Sasha Banks face off with “The Dirtiest Diva in the Game” Charlotte for the championship in the future

Sylvester Lefort vs. Mojo Rawley

It has been awhile since we have seen Lefort, I guess he has finally healed from his battle with Mason Ryan..to bad he is taking on Mojo Rawley tonight, and here is a fun fact about Mojo Rawley, He does not get hype, HE STAYS HYPE! We have seen Mojo squash superstar after superstar, and its obvious the NXT Universe is behind him. I just wish we could see more from him. I was hoping since Mojo was taking on a guy with a name it would be a little match, but Mojo completely stomped over Lefort here. Easy Victory!

Winner – Mojo Rawley

Rating – 4\10: Unlike the NXT Universe, I’m not that into Mojo. I see potential in him, but he just won’t show it. Week after week I sit through watching Mojo pull off the same match over and over and over again, and its getting boring. I wanna see Mojo in a fight! and I hope it happens soon!

Brodus Clay Promo

Brodus comes down to the ring and further beats up on Sylvester Lefort, hitting a huge Powerbomb followed by a Splash off the top turnbuckle. He than got on the mic and expressed his anger about when John Cena and Triple H publicly endorsed Adrian Neville, he than calls out Neville, and Neville comes out. The NXT Champion and Brodus exchange words, and it seemed like they were about to brawl, but Brodus expressed only on his time as he exited the ring. I’m still pretty excited about this feud, and I’m glad Brodus is getting to show his better half!

Devin Taylor Interviews Oliver Grey

Oliver Grey is finally back, and was set to be interviewed by Devin Taylor, but Camacho of all people comes in claiming there is a poser in NXT and his name is Adam Rose. Camacho than goes on to cut a decent promo…at best about how Life is not about partying, its about hard work and he has been in all this hard work or something like that. Grey than interrupts him and says he should not worry about Rose, because he can’t think of a better way to come back to NXT than by facing him next week on NXT! I’ve admittedly never seen Oliver Grey, sadly I did not watch NXT at that time, mainly because I didn’t know how to, but its great to see him back. Camacho got to step out of his comfort zone today and got on the mic. It wasn’t a bad promo for his first time, but he’ll need to work on that, but it seems Camacho is set for two feuds now, one against Oliver Grey and the other against The So Called Poser! Adam Rose!

Devin Taylor Interviews The Great Khali

Devin as Khali how he feels now that he is on NXT for the first time. Khali said something, I’m pretty sure he said he was good? Luckily Bayley came running up and gave Khali a huge hug, and than enters Cj Parker, who hopes Khali recycles, because he guarantees Khali produces 3 times more waste than one person. Khali than apparently speaks some Punjab, witch Bayley is able to translate, telling Parker Khali will see him in the ring next week. I sure hope they give Cj the win next week, because he is proving to be pretty good on the mic and he really needs a big win!

Bo Dallas Promo

Dallas comes down to the ring, and gets on the mic and begins to talk about how there is a lot of people in the back think there next in line for a NXT Title match, but it’s Still Bo Time. Bo than asks everyone if they have heard of The Yes Movement, he than went on to say Daniel Bryan Occupied Raw and got a World Championship, and he is on a B+ player. Bo than asks his Bo-Lievers to help him occupy NXT. The NXT turns its back on Bo, and the former NXT World Champ breaks down for so long we had to go to commercial break, but once we came back, Bo didn’t cry for to long as the General Manger of NXT, John “Bradshaw” Layfield came out and told Bo that was the worst occupy movement he has ever seen, and says he won’t be getting his title shot but he will have a match enxt

Bo Dallas vs. Justin Gabriel

The Capetown Werewolf comes down to the ring and this should be a great match! Dallas whined at first expressing he doesn’t want to face Gabriel, and states he wants Neville. Gabriel gets the early offense in with some stiff kicks to the thighs of Dallas. Bo looked off his game tonight, and as he shoudl considering he is on a downward spiral right now, but Dallas did not let it effect him too bad as he fought back into the match up. The two superstars went back in forth, getting numerous near falls. The match started to heat up towards the end as Gabriel got to show off his high flying skills, but they weren’t enough as Dallas hit his Underhook DDT to cover Gabriel for the three

Winner – Bo Dallas

Rating – 6\10: Bo still looking good even without the gold on his waist! I’ll be the first to admit, I was worried about where Bo would fit in, but it seems Dallas is in store for some big things. Just this past Monday a vignette was aired about Bo Dallas’s debut to the main roster, tonight we got to see a new side to the Bo Dallas character, becuase now his Bo-Lievers have turned thier back on him, but with an impressive victory over Justin Gabriel. I’m sured he gained some more Bo-Lievers!

Superstar of the Night – Bo Dallas

Tonight, no one really stood out. Honestly this wasn’t the best NXT! With Bo really being in the only match that wasn’t practically a squash, he was really the only one qualified. Along with this change to his character and his debut in the WWE coming up things are looking up for Bo Dallas. Just goes to show what happens when you Don’t Stop Bo-Lieving!

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