House of Cards Season 3: Frank Underwood A Bad President?

Hello everybody! House of Cards is back for a third season. If you want to check out my reviews of the previous seasons, check them out here Season 1 and Season 2.



DIRECTOR:   Carl Franklin, Jodie Foster, James Foley and Robin Wright

STARRING: Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright, Michael Kelly, Michel Gil, Molly Parker, Gerald McRaney, Mahershala Ali, Sebastian Arcelus

GENRE: Political, Drama

YEAR: 2013- Current

COUNTRY: United States

The season chronicles the first few months of Frank Underwood as President. The new President faces immense pressure from the start of his term, as betrayal and opposition grows inside his party. Determined to leave a legacy not be a “placeholder” president after assuming the office, Underwood makes ambitious moves to march towards election in the 2016 Presidential

Doug Stamper recovers from his injuries by Rachel Posner, although struggles with alcoholism. Gavin Orsay helps Doug to find Rachel in exchange for lifting the ban on his passport, however, the findings he delivers is of a body reported as a Jane Doe but with matching fingerprints to Rachel. Distraught, Doug entreats his brother, Gary Stamper, to stay with him for the following two months. After fleeing to Venezuela, Gavin reveals he gave Doug false information and that Rachel was alive, and said he would reveal her location if he helped a compeer get out of jail.

Doug tracks down Gavin and brutalizes him for the information, then sets out to find Rachel, who is working odd jobs to pay for a false identity. Doug captures Rachel and drives into the desert with the intent to kill her, but Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 5.31.23 PMreconsiders when she reveals she’s abandoned efforts to uncover Frank Underwood’s crimes and reveals her new identity to him. He releases her, but vacillates again and is last seen burying her body before returning to work for Frank Underwood as Chief of Staff after Remy Danton resigns, presumably jaded by the treatment Frank showed Jackie Sharp during the presidential debate.

Meanwhile, First Lady Claire Underwood is named the United States Ambassador to the United Nations and faces a crisis in the Jordan Valley, where Frank Underwood and the United States are pitted against the cunning President Petrov of Russia. Tensions rise between Frank and Claire, which culminates in Claire stating her intentions to leave Francis in the season finale.

The third season marks the possible end of the series, which it better not end on this note. This season was incredibly slow, while the series is not known for its fast pace it still could have picked it up just a bit. Story-wise, it was interesting enough to keep me binging five or six episodes a night. Towards the end of the season, it felt that it was trying to wrap up everything in a nice little bow. The main and supporting casts’ performances were phenomenal as usual, making the example the House of Cards is the cream of the crop.screen_shot_2015-02-14_at_2.25.02_pm

I was so excited for House of Cards to come back for its 3rd season. I do want to say that if what I heard is true (this is the last season for the series) then I will be severely pissed at the series creators.I wish that they incorporated Doug at least more of his character into the main story, and to forget about Rachel and Gavin. They should have either killed him off or given him a new story arc, we are tired of this cat and mouse game. While we did see Claire becoming more involved in the presidency, I wish she didn’t leave. She should have become to manipulative behind-the-scene first lady, suits Robin Wright’s character and style.


  • Main cast performance.
  • Supporting cast performance.
  • Interesting story.
  • Pacing.


  • Claire Underwood arc.
  • Doug’s entire story.
  • Cliffhanger.

SCORE: 7.8 / 10

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Rampage: Capital Punishment, A Little Less Mass Murder.

Hello everybody! Today we have the sequel to Uwe Boll’s actually decent movie, Rampage: Capital Punishment.



STARRING: Brendan Fletcher, Lochlyn Munro, Mike Dopud, Michaela Mann


GENRE: Mass Murder, Thriller

YEAR: 2014

COUNTRY: United States, Canada, Germany

Bill Williamson is a warped, frustrated young man who hates his life and hates society which leads him to be driven over the edge of sanity while keeping his craftyness on. He is in his early twenties, lives with his parents and he works a low-paid job as a mechanic. Psychologically, he is continually bombarded with the problems of the world, by ubiquitous TV sets, radios, and the views of Evan Drince, a left-wing philosopher who seems to be his sole friend. One day, Bill, after being hurt after his parents tell him that it’s time he left home, and tired of being victimized by his nasty boss at work, Bill acts upon his plan to reduce the town’s population. He believes overcrowding causes the world’s problems.Screen-Shot-2014-06-20-at-9.06.04-AM-620x400-558x360

Violent anti-hero Bill Williamson has a plan to change the world by exacting vengeance on the rich, and ripping Washington apart. He holds a number of people hostage and uses his captives as his political platform to spread his message and awaken humanity. It’s time to destroy the system, and change won’t happen peacefully.

So, in contrary to my opening statement, I actually really enjoyed Rampage 2 (as I will call it). The main character, Billy Williamson, had even more of a political agenda than he had in the first film. It was actually quite inspiring, while I am not an anarchist by any means. The acting was surprising far better than what I expected, especially for a Uwe Boll film. I also did enjoy the two characters that return from the first film, they evolved and it worked.


While I definitely enjoyed Rampage 2, I definitely still had some qualms with it. My biggest pet peeve is that it is still is a Uwe Boll film and find his directorial style irritating and unnecessary. There I go again, going biased again in a short and honest interview. There are a few minutes that the story that seams to slip a bit and could have easily changed an essential moment in the film. Even though this occurs, your are still in for one hell of a ride filled with mass murder.

Just take a look at Bill Williamson’s way of thinking.


  • Main cast performance.
  • Less mas murder.
  • More of a political agenda.


  • Story has many peaks and valleys.

SCORE: 7.0 / 10

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In Politics, Everything Crumbles Like a House of Cards

Hello everybody! Today we have a review of the second season of Netflix exclusive series House of Cards.


DIRECTOR:   Carl Franklin, Jodie Foster, James Foley and Robin Wright

STARRING: Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright, Michael Kelly, Michel Gil, Molly Parker, Gerald McRaney, Mahershala Ali, Sebastian Arcelus

GENRE: Political, Drama

YEAR: 2013- Current

COUNTRY: United States

Francis spends most of the season as the newly appointed Vice President of the United States. Early episodes see Frank vanquish reporters on the trail of a murder he committed in the previous season. However, the drama soon shifts to tensions involving Frank, President Walker, the Chinese government, and the wealthy Raymond Tusk, eventually culminating in a bitter political war between Frank and Tusk. Frank’s wife Claire publicly reveals that she was raped in college by a prominent general and pursues anti-rape legislation. The most significant new character is Jackie Sharp, Frank’s successor as House Whip, who soon finds herself embroiled in Frank’s plans. As the war between Frank and Tusk consumes the Presidency, things fall apart in a scandal that sees Walker resign, Tusk arrested, and Frank ascend to the Oval Office.

Even Barack Obama quipped about his interest in an advance copy of the second series: “I wish things were that ruthlessly efficient…It’s true. I was looking at Kevin Spacey thinking, ‘this guy’s getting a lot of stuff done'”.The evening before the season was posted, someone responsible for the @BarackObama Twitter account (which is run by Organizing for Action) tweeted a request that no spoilers be posted online.

House of Cards is one of the best political dramas I have seen in a very long time. As I have already reviewed season one (you can check that out here) I figured I’d take a crack at season 2. Season 2 is much darker than season 1 and that is evident with the death of a major character in the first episode. The main cast is superb as always and they do not falter when it comes to some questionable motives or content. Season 2 is also faster paced than season 1, as characters appear and have their arcs, then disappear. Its like Game of Thrones but in the White House.

I thought that while Season 2 was fast and had decent pacing throughout the entire season, I felt that the story suffered because of it. The different story arcs weren’t as drawn out as long as I wished, and some of the new characters could have had so much more done with them if only they weren’t written out so easily. Also, have I mentioned the creepy and weird threesome? At one point in the middle of the series Frank, Claire, and Edward Meechum drink too much and have an impromptu threesome after. Sometimes it gets a little weird when you are in politics.


  • Rise from Vice president – President
  • Main/Supporting cast performances.
  • Expert example of a political drama.
  • Interesting story arcs.
  • Character development.


  • Some instances could have been stretched out.
  • No actual houses of cards.
  • Pacing.
  • Creepy threesome.

SCORE: 9.0 / 10

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