Protocol’s Raiden Collabs with Red Velvet’s IRENE For Her Solo Debut In “The Only”

It has been a minute since we have seen what Raiden is up to, and to no surprise, he’s back working with K-pop. This time around we stopped by Protocol for “The Only”, Raiden’s newest dip into the K-pop world with IRENE from Red Velvet. Raiden has kept himself busy while developing his style and launching his career, with even traveling to Japan and performing in a rock band. This experience has affected his own personal style, as Raiden strives to combine EDM with rock. He even plays the guitar on a number of his tracks! This is Raiden’s 10th release on the Protocol imprint, and we are glad to see he finally found his home. IRENE is a major player in the all-powerful K-Pop girl group Red Velvet, who have made major hits that topped charts in Korea as well as on Billboard’s own digital charts. “The Only” marks her debut as a solo artist, so we have high expectations.

While you may be out of luck if you don’t speak Korean, “The Only” is a soft and beautiful pop track that makes our hearts flutter.  That takes quite a bit of motivation, as they are dead and rotting from years ago. The melting pot that is “The Only”,, between Raiden’s progressive yet melodic production and IRENE’s serene K-pop vocals, will definitely satisfy fans of both genres. The drops are gentle and progressive, while the slightly groovy melodies keep us listening as we quietly bounce along. “The Only” proves that feel-good vibes and romantic tones expand further than just language, and show just how powerful music as a medium has become.

Make sure you check out “The Only” on Spotify below and YouTube!

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A Melting Pot of Influences, Mosimann & Leandro De Silva Drop New House Track “Horizon”

If we have learned anything while writing about music, it is that cultural diversity breeds great music. Kicking off this Electric-filled weekend we are stopping off by Protocol for “Horizon”, a brand new track from Mosimann and Leandro De Silva. While Protocol has always been forward-thinking in terms of predicting trends and making waves, not every artist is pure gold. However, this is when you just need to experiment and find the right crowd to bounce off your ideas and style. Mosimann has been tearing it up since he burst onto the stream, with one of his tracks even earning more than 4 million streams on Spotify! Mosimann has been through the wringer in his music career, but breaking into DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs is pretty impressive if you ask us.

Now, as for “Horizon”, the track feels familiar to other Mosimann works but with a hint of exotic flair thrown into the mix. A fusion of progressive and electro house, “Horizon” is the result of a cultural mash of French and Italian-Brazilian influences. Due to this melting pot, the track features driving basslines, sweeping melodies, and plenty of tribal bounce. This winning combination is guaranteed to set the dancefloor ablaze in clubs everywhere around the world. Mosimann, we need an EP with Leandro De Silva ASAP.

Make sure you check out “Horizon” on Spotify and YouTube!

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Leandro Da Silva


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The First of Hopefully Many, Protocol Vets Maximals Team Up With PØP CULTUR for New Track “All Of Me”

If there has to be one Protocol act that we enjoy watching their evolution as artists, it is these two. This week we are kicking down Protocol’s front door and snagging “All of Me”, the latest release from veterans Maximals and PØP CULTUR. These Protocol veterans have been quite busy since we last caught up with them last, producing new tracks and even earning praise from Protocol label boss Nicky Romero! Maximals created an impressive performance at Protocol’s 2018 showcase that Romero just had to casually mention that they will be one of the top artists to watch in 2019. We can confidently say that this won’t be a one-off project between Maximals and PØP CULTUR, so keep your ears primed for their next project later this year.

For their seventh release on the Protocol imprint, Maximals decided to craft their version of a progressive house track. Maximals has been including more influence from disco as of late, and “All Of Me” is a prime example. Not only is the track uplifting, but also features a groovy AF bassline and modern-disco sounds that are almost guaranteed to energize you. “All Of Me” is another solid track added to the Maximals catalog, following their previous remixes of Steve Aoki’s “Ring the Alarm” and their previous “Up & Down” EP. “All Of Me” is a solid summertime track from the Italian duo, and we can’t wait to be vibing along with it at our next festival.

Make sure you check out “All of Me” on Spotify!

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