Protocol Veterans Trilane Harness Modern Progressive House in “Believe”

There isn’t anyone hotter in the Protocol roster, except the label boss himself than this duo.  Heading on back to Protocol after a previously packed weekend, we have “Believe” from Swedish producers Trilane. Since Protocol is all about promoting the fresh blood added to their roster, we are no surprise that they have expanded their recruitment pool. Between these two artists, they have been featured on many of the large labels such as Trilane being a five-time release for Protocol, along with both Revealed and Wall Recordings. Will he finally find his home within the Protocol roster? We’ll have to see what the future holds. Now official Protocol veterans, Trilane is quickly becoming engrained in the Protocol culture and roster.

AS they pump out more and more tracks under the Protocol banner, We feel like that Trilane is permanently absorbing the modern progressive house sound. Trilane’s latest addition to the catalog, “Believe”, is a perfect embodiment of this modern style. The track isn’t just uplifting with a great beat, Strand’s vocal performance is soulful and exudes pure emotion. “Believe” highlights its rising bassline and dreamlike melody is a one-two punch combo, but the track is one full package that can’t be separated. Workling flawlessly and seamlessly, “Believe” has to be our favorite Protocol-era Trilane track yet.

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It’s Already Been Five Years? Nicky Romero Releases Protocol’s Five-Year Celebration EP

When it comes to most major anniversaries, you should definitely celebrate them. Our boys over are Protocol are taking that to heart and are going all out for their five-year anniversary. Just at the prefaces of what is in the works, Protocol big boss Nicky Romero took it upon himself to craft an EP to suit the occasion. Since early June Protocol has been releasing fresh takes on some of their best tracks, and today they form our next EP. Today Protocol is also launching a massive five-hour megamix of even more of the top tracks that Protocol has released over the years.

Protocol has always been known for their progressive march in the world of electronic music, so their EP shouldn’t be anything different. Romero faced a difficult task, which artists would have the honor to remix and make it to the cover instead of being dropped on the cutting room floor. Romero set the bar with this one, as he picked Stadiumx, Tony Romera, Taylr Renee, Sam Void, and John Dahlback; they are some superbly talented producers who each bring their own style to the table. What does this mean? It means that this EP will be drastically different between each track, but manage to flow with ease.

Be sure you are in the mood for it, as we have five hours of Protocol’s hits coming your way!

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