Upcoming Dutch Producers Timmo Hendriks & Lindequist Drop High Energy Single “Magical”

If we follow the Protocol, sometimes a few gems are uncovered from the dust. On our weekly visit to Protocol we are checking out “Magical”, the brand new track from Timmo Hendriks & Lindequist. Protocol is already known for having a wide range of music under their belt, with Timmo & Lindequist being a few of the latest additions. Debuting on the label in 2016, Timmo & Lindequist collaborated on “Ziema” their best selling song to date  These Dutch producers may just be up and comers, but they are making serious waves with their high energy production. These two will continue to support the main roster and you should keep them on your radar.

If there is any genre of music that Protocol has the most experience in, it is in the world of progressive house. You know that the label has the genre down to a T when even their newcomers can pump out progressive house jams. Hendriks & Lindequist put all of their combined energy into “Magical”, which as a result is designed to match the energy of radio and festival play. The track is a cinematic big room sounding joy, utilizing its uplifting melodies to explode into an array of bounce and progressive beats that remind us of the classic progressive gems of our youth. We can’t wait for the net Timmo Hendriks & Lindequist production, as we hope that it will be just as classic.

Make sure you check out “Magical” on Spotify below and on YouTube!

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Maximals & Faderx Team Up For The 5th Time With New Single “Free”

This group of artists clearly have plenty of magical chemistry, especially when they are teaming up a fifth time. On our most recent trip to Protocol we were treated to “Free”, the latest collaboration between Maximals & FaderX. These Protocol veterans have been quite busy since we last caught up with them last, producing new tracks and even earning praise from Protocol label boss Nicky Romero! Maximals created an impressive performance at Protocol’s 2018 showcase that Romero just had to casually mention that they will be one of the top artists to watch in 2019.  However, FaderX we can gladly say can hold their own. The trio appeared at Protocol with their hit “Cabrio”, which showcased the trios pure ball of energy that they were essentially hiding from the world. Since signing on that dotted line, FaderX has been a staple of the Protocol lineup.

With “Free” being Maximals’s eight and FaderX’s sixth release on Protocol, you shouldn’t be surprised that these two have the Protocol sound down to a T. These Protocol veterans were easily able to capture the progressive themes that the label is known for, while toning-down the drop for a more upbeat and elevating song that doesn’t scream festival stage. Vocalist Jordan Grace also contributed her emotive voice to the track, creating a feel-good beat that will touch anyone who needs to break away from their responsibilities even if just for a moment.

Make sure you check out “Free” on Spotify below or on YouTube!

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Progressive Veteran Denis Koyu Revisits Protocol To Spread His Uplifting “Lost Soul”

Progressive and house music have continued to thrive and evolve to stay alive, and this next artist may have helped it along. Today we are bouncing on back to Protocol for “Lost Soul”, the brand new track from Deniz Koyu. A veteran in the world of progressive and electro house, Koyu has been rather busy leading these genres and molding them into their modern iterations. With massive hits such as “Tung!”, “Bong”, and the house indie pop fusion that ended up as “Paradise”, Koyu is determined to assist these genres in growing back to their peak. Koyu has been diligently at work with KO:YU, releasing a few high profile remixes for The Chainsmokers and Alesso.

After a nice break to work on other projects, we are glad to see that Koyu is revisiting Protocol once again. While Koyu steps away from the fusion world with “Lost Soul”, he takes us back with a classic uplifting vocal house track that we definitely could use. Koyu’s uplifting beat and synths take center stage, but backed up by subtle instruments that complete an illusion of bliss. “Lost Soul” is filled to the max with emotion, euphoria, and plenty of inspiration to unite those lost souls in the dark and unite them in a circle of light. We can’t wait to hear Koyu’s next project and hope it is as inspirational as “Lost Soul”.

Make sure you check out “Lost Soul” on Spotify below and YouTube!

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Deniz Koyu

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