The First of Hopefully Many, Protocol Vets Maximals Team Up With PØP CULTUR for New Track “All Of Me”

If there has to be one Protocol act that we enjoy watching their evolution as artists, it is these two. This week we are kicking down Protocol’s front door and snagging “All of Me”, the latest release from veterans Maximals and PØP CULTUR. These Protocol veterans have been quite busy since we last caught up with them last, producing new tracks and even earning praise from Protocol label boss Nicky Romero! Maximals created an impressive performance at Protocol’s 2018 showcase that Romero just had to casually mention that they will be one of the top artists to watch in 2019. We can confidently say that this won’t be a one-off project between Maximals and PØP CULTUR, so keep your ears primed for their next project later this year.

For their seventh release on the Protocol imprint, Maximals decided to craft their version of a progressive house track. Maximals has been including more influence from disco as of late, and “All Of Me” is a prime example. Not only is the track uplifting, but also features a groovy AF bassline and modern-disco sounds that are almost guaranteed to energize you. “All Of Me” is another solid track added to the Maximals catalog, following their previous remixes of Steve Aoki’s “Ring the Alarm” and their previous “Up & Down” EP. “All Of Me” is a solid summertime track from the Italian duo, and we can’t wait to be vibing along with it at our next festival.

Make sure you check out “All of Me” on Spotify!

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DVBBS Take On Steve Aoki and Monsta X’s “Play It Cool” With Brand New Stylistic House Remix

You know that you are progressing up the ladder when you are able to have an official remix of a label boss’s music. This time we are bouncing on over to Ultra Records for a brand new DVBBS remix, this time with Steve Aoki and Monsta X’s “Play It Cool” on the chopping block. Since we started covering DVBBS back in 2017, they have had multiple successes and expanded their musical footprint on a global scale. This Canadian duo has since massively expanded their catalog, even earning a few platinum tracks along the way. DVBBS has even reached over one billion streams online, further expanding their reach in the global music scene. DVBBS has been honing their highly energetic live performances, even launching a monumental 2019 tour schedule with 250 tour dates!

While we have been treated to a heaping dose of breezy electronic music from DVBBS recently, this remix is going straight back to their signature house sound. Strikingly different from their most recent release “GOMF“, their remix of Aoki’s “Play It Cool” is easily going to set the dance floor ablaze this summer. Whether it is the progressive driving sounds, the bouncy bassline, or the catchy vocals, this remix will hook you as soon as you hear it. Not only is it energizing futuristic larger-than-life house, it feels nostalgic of when house was just stretching out its legs. While we enjoy DVBBS remixes, we can’t wait for their next original project to earworm their way into our brains.

Make sure you check out “Play It Cool” (DVBBS Remix) on Spotify below!

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A New Grimy House Producer Has Appeared! BLVD. Drops Debut Grime Track “Crowd Control”

If there is anything we can say about this ever-growing community, it is that there is always plenty of room for newcomers. Today we roll out the red carpet for the grimy house producer BLVD, officially making his debut with today’s release “Crowd Control”. Determined to show listeners a grittier side of house music, BLVD is stepping onto the stage to make a major splash on the industry. While BLVD is relatively unknown by the general populace, he has already received support from Diplo & Friends, RL Grime, and Ekali just to name a few. If you ask us, we’d say that those are quality people to have in your corner as you make your way up the electronic ladder.

New blood is essential to any growing industry, otherwise, the industry will easily stagnate and fizzle out. We have to say that BLVD’s debut track, “Crowd Control”, gives us quite a clear picture of what exactly BLVD wants to do to the house genre. The track is essentially guaranteed to be a dancefloor smash, due to the melting pot of dark elements, a large melody, and a driving bassline that consumes your ears and body for the next few minutes. While this may be BLVD’s debut, we can’t wait to see how he bursts onto the scene. We need to throw as much support behind this guy as we can, as we have no doubt that BLVD. is here to mess up the status quo and make the industry even more interesting.

Make sure you check out “Crowd Control” on Spotify!

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