Powerhouses Combine! R3HAB Drops Brand New Remix of Global Instrumentalist James Arthur’s “Treehouse”

Despite his impressive track record, R3HAB continues to surprise us with his track choices. Taking a quick stop by Colombia Records we have R3HAB’s brand new remix of popular artist James Arthur’s track “Treehouse”. Since his adventure began, R3HAB has toured some of the best clubs in the world and amassed more than 300 million streams of his debut album. What is actually amazing however is that R3HAB was able to accomplish this with no major label backing, only working through his CYB3RPVNK imprint. Through his expanded efforts to increase CYB3RPVNK’s roster, R3HAB has been recruiting a fantastic variety of up and comers to provide a major range of music to his audience.

“I was sent James Arthur’s latest song a few weeks ago and fell in love with it right away. I’ve always been a fan of his voice, and it was an honor to do this ‘Treehouse‘ remix for him.” – R3HAB

Today is a magical day in music, as the vocally beautiful James Arthur and the brilliant producer R3HAB have melded together. R3HAB remixes like no other, and completely changed the song to fit into his repertoire while still easily paying respect to the original. Originally led by piano performed by James Arthur, R3HAB swapped in uplifting electronic beats to let “Treehouse” breathe on it’s own. The addition of a carefree drop embraces the remix with new energy, yet still understanding the core message. Some days it is okay not to be okay because what follows is actually what matters most. R3HAB, we don’t think there is anyone in the game right now that remixes as well as you. Keep going!

Make sure you check out R3HAB’s “Treehouse” remix on Spotify below or on YouTube!

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The First New Album in Ten Years, Puddle of Mud Drops New Album “Welcome to Galvania”


We know that we mainly cover electronic music on this platform, but we have to support our one of our favorite rock bands from our home area. This morning we were treated to a sweet surprise in our Spotify recs from a blast from the past, Puddle of Mudd. The band finally dropped a brand new album, Welcome to Galvania, after a ten-year new music hiatus. Originally formed back in 1991, Mudd’s first official release wasn’t until 1994 with their Stuck EP, produced by the band themselves. They didn’t receive any significant notoriety until the release of Come Clean in 2001, where the album sold over 5 million copies. After 2009 Puddle Of Mudd continued to tour but haven’t released any new music…until now.

Can we just say that this is a beautiful time for rock and metal music? Let’s look at this, within two months we have new albums from Tool, Puddle Of Mudd, Slipknot, and Korn! Puddle of Mudd frontman Wes Scantlin provides a wide range of performances throughout the album, sticking to the classic Puddle of Mudd sound we know and love to a slightly hopeful and introspective alt-rock we haven’t seen much before now. We knew after hearing the first single “Uh-Oh” that we were going to love this album and it may join the few other albums that we can listen to completely without skipping. Welcome to Galvania was a pleasant surprise overall, and we can’t wait to catch Puddle Of Mudd on tour one more time.

Make sure you check out “Welcome to Galvania” on Spotify!

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It’s No Longer An “Emergency”, But Sludge Is Ready to Strike Back and “Crush ‘Em”

Our next artist may very well be the leader of the next musical uprising, crushing their opponents under their heel. On our weekly stop by Heavyweight Records, we have  Sludge’s latest dubstep smash “Crush ‘Em”. After Sludge’s initial debut track “Blacksmith”, we were eager for what he would release next. Heavyweight has been a home for a more unique and darker selection of artists since its founding in 2017, focusing primarily on heavy bass and dark hip-hop. With a lineup of misfits including Gommi, Timmy Trumpet, GRAVEDGR, and now Sludge, we can’t wait to be made uncomfortable by whatever they put out next.

If Heavyweight Records has any hole to fill, it is in desperate need of more industrial music (totally) and Sludge is here to fit right in. Quickly becoming one of the up and comers in today’s scene, Sludge is trying to stand out from the crowd with his blend of dubstep, industrial, and glitch sound bites. Definitely an appeal to the thrash and headbangers in the crowd, Sludge utilizes mechanical effects to create an illusion that you are being made in a factory. The sawing synths only finalize this illusion, crafting a filthy machine-like experience to satisfy the average bass head.

Make sure you check out “Crush ‘Em” on Spotify below and on SoundCloud!

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