MUSIC ENHANCED: Cuebrick Ft. KARRA “Smoke & Fire”

At some moments the best kind of music can be created when a professional and fresh talent collaborate. Both members of the Enhanced Recordings label, we take a listen to the first collaboration between iconic Enhanced producer Cuebrick and Enhanced regular KARRA. This release is just another mark in their respective catalogs, as both artists have had a busy year so far. KARRA was featured on a number of successful hits in 2016 with Breathe Carolina, Metrik, and Unlike Pluto. Cuebrick hasn’t been quite though, as he has gained support from many EDM powerhouses such as Tiesto and Armin van Buuren.

However, “Smoke & Fire” is definitely a showcase of Cuebrick’s wide range of abilities. Featuring the vocal talents of performing artists KARRA, the track is intricate in design and flows between different levels with ease. As it flows you can hear the differences in genre and style, which only showcases Cuebrick’s raw ability to be able to take the best elements from multiple genres and mash them together. Whether it is as simple as the percussion or the intricacy of expert vocal work, Cuebrick can definitely make some magic.

Make sure you give “Smoke & Fire” a listen below:

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