Protocol Label Boss Nicky Romero Recruits Florian Picasso for “Midnight Sun” Summer 2019’s Earworm Smash!

It is time…for the avalanche of summer anthems that are heading out way. Kicking off coverage this week we have “Midnight Sun”, the latest pre-summer smash from Nicky Romero and Florian Picasso on Protocol. Romero is one of the modern producers to change and mold today’s electronic music scene how he sees fit. Not only has he founded one of the most prolific modern electronic music movements, but he is also constantly on DJ Mag’s Top 100 list year after year and has attributed heavily to the global spread of electronic music. We are glad to see that Romero is back in the producing chair, as the modern industry still needs a bit more of his influence. We can’t give all of the credit to Romero though, as Florian Picasso is there to add his own signature style to the fray. A major player in the Protocol roster, Florian has been in metaphorical hiding for the last several months as he has been working on plenty of new music to help satisfy tastes for 2019. Florian has quickly become a fantastic representative of the Protocol movement, which in itself is becoming a household name for modern electronic fans everywhere.

Working with Florian is always a pleasure, and we have a ton of fun in the studio. From the moment we started on this record I knew it was special and it all finally came together when we connected in Miami for Ultra. I’m hoping the fans will love it as much as we do.” – Nicky Romero

Midnight Sun‘ has a lot of my own style, but Nicky took it to the next level and really helped the record to get to its full potential.” – Florian Picasso

“Midnight Sun” is one of those tracks that actually showcases two of Protocol’s strongest artists that are completely in sync with one another. Since we are in the time of year where summer anthems are becoming more and more prevalent,  label boss Nicky Romero recruited Protocol veteran Florian Picasso to craft an anthem that will be the soundtrack to summer 2019. The track showcases two distinct features from each artist: Romero’s optimistic vocal work and progressive melodies, while Florian adds carefree vibes and his signature groovy instrumentals. We can almost guarantee that you will be hearing “Midnight Sun” until the festival season comes to a close, all day, every day.

Make sure you check out “Midnight Sun” on Spotify or YouTube below!

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Nicky Romero

Florian Picasso


Nicky Romero + Florian Picasso (c) Clubbing Vision

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We Get It, We Need to Take a Vacation! Neon Tiger’s “Summer”

Alright, now Neon Tiger is flipping roles on us MiR folk. Making his debut with us with his last release “Neon Rose” just two weeks ago, Neon Tiger is back with yet another summer track…with a twist. This time, Neon Tiger didn’t just produce the track, but even contributed his own vocal work to the track!  While you may not recognize the name just yet, the man behind the pseudonym is also known as Maarcos and was a member of Those Usual Suspects. Neon Tiger was created so that he could experiment a bit more with his style and songwriting. He even performs using every instrument and vocals himself with this track being his debut.

“Summer” is much more than just yet a new electronic hit for the summer. What Neon Tiger is trying to do is push forth and re-popularize the elements that made music from 1980’s great. Not to mention that “Summer” has an infectious island/tropical vibe that just screams vacation time. Neon? Yeah, we are talking to you directly. Are you trying to subliminally tell us that we need to take some time off and go on vacation? Because we are definitely down.

Be sure to give “Summer” a full listen below:

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