Big Room Meets Chiptune, Tommy Jayden Drops CYB3RPVNK Debut “Level Up”

When you receive a chance to debut on a label with another artist, you’re treated to a pair of training wheels. Well as of today, this artist is snagging an upgrade. On our most recent trip to CYB3RPVNK we were treated to the solo label debut track “Level Up” from Tommy Jayden. While Jayden officially debuted back in May on “Looking At Me” with Skytech. Jayden is taking center stage to spread his wings. Jayden knew from a young age that he was destined for a path filled with music, as he fell in love with the works of Michael Jackson at a mere 8 years old. As he grew older, he started thriving under the electric sky as he discovered and became one with house music. Jayden has started gaining a bit of recognition, with official remixes for R3HAB and Kygo, amassing approximately 1.2M streams on YouTube.

Growing up in the early ’90s, we were definitely obsessed with video games. While that has definitely toned down in recent years, any time anyone can take the retro beats of childhood and craft something new we are all in. In order to appropriately craft “Level Up”, Jayden found a fantastic mixture of electro elements, big room beats, and retro chiptune sound bites to meld into a much-needed videogame inspired track! We know that as soon as we revisit a few of our classics, this will definitely be our new soundtrack. Solid CYB3RPVNK debut Jayden, we hope you find your home under R3HAB’s tutilage.

Make sure you check out “Level Up” on Spotify below and on SoundCloud!

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Tommy Jayden


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CYB3RPVNK: Label Veteran Skytech & Newcomer Tommy Jayden Drop Summer Festival Anthem “Looking At Me”

It has been a bit too much time since we had our CYB3RPVNK dose and we are here for our shot. This week we are checking out “Looking At Me”, the latest track from Skytech and the CYB3RPVNK imprint. While Skytech is yet another upcoming artist on a global scale, he already has gathered quite a following in his home country of Poland. We first heard of this talented producer when R3HAB found him after hearing “Tiger”, where he helped finish the track which led to over 100 million streams. R3HAB and Skytech have been working together for quite some time under the CYB3RPVNK banner, crafting festival and dancefloor friendly tracks while also growing Skytech’s global footprint. For the last two years, Skytech has ranked in the top 2 most streamed Polish artists in the world!

While we are in this grey area, essentially a soft launch of the 2019 festival season, we aren’t surprised that festival anthems are popping up more often. Under R3HAB’s guidance, Skytech and newcomer Tommy Jayden have crafted their interpretation of the modern festival anthem. “Looking At Me” is filled with electric energy, fueling plenty of futuristic sounds and absolutely groovy bassline. While we are a little bit out of the Skytech zone, his original high melody style shines through the grooves. Since CYB3RPVNK is still fresh to the scene, the label has been serving as a platform for fresh artists to reach their dreams and we applaud you.

Make sure you check out “Looking At Me” on Spotify, as well as the track’s music video on YouTube below!

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