Protocol Veterans Trilane Harness Modern Progressive House in “Believe”

There isn’t anyone hotter in the Protocol roster, except the label boss himself than this duo.  Heading on back to Protocol after a previously packed weekend, we have “Believe” from Swedish producers Trilane. Since Protocol is all about promoting the fresh blood added to their roster, we are no surprise that they have expanded their recruitment pool. Between these two artists, they have been featured on many of the large labels such as Trilane being a five-time release for Protocol, along with both Revealed and Wall Recordings. Will he finally find his home within the Protocol roster? We’ll have to see what the future holds. Now official Protocol veterans, Trilane is quickly becoming engrained in the Protocol culture and roster.

AS they pump out more and more tracks under the Protocol banner, We feel like that Trilane is permanently absorbing the modern progressive house sound. Trilane’s latest addition to the catalog, “Believe”, is a perfect embodiment of this modern style. The track isn’t just uplifting with a great beat, Strand’s vocal performance is soulful and exudes pure emotion. “Believe” highlights its rising bassline and dreamlike melody is a one-two punch combo, but the track is one full package that can’t be separated. Workling flawlessly and seamlessly, “Believe” has to be our favorite Protocol-era Trilane track yet.

Make sure you check out “Believe” on Spotify below or over on YouTube!

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Nicky Romero Reminds Us Of Our Love in “Bittersweet” vs Trilane & Kokaholla (Ft. Quarterback)

While we always support artists experimenting with new sounds to enhance their style, we still want a taste of what we already know. This week we are checking out “Bittersweet”, the latest from Nicky Romero over on Protocol.  As we mentioned before, Romero is one of the modern producers to change and mold today’s electronic music scene how he sees fit. Not only has he founded one of the most prolific modern electronic music movements, he is constantly on DJ Mag’s Top 100 list year after year and has attributed heavily to the global spread of electronic music. We are glad to see that Romero is back in the producing chair, as the modern industry still needs a bit more of his influence.

Since Romero has been busy incorporating new genres and mixing it in his giant mixing bowl, we were genuinely surprised when we were treated with a track with his familiar style. “Bittersweet” highlights Romero’s bouncy bass lines and the fantastic vocal work from the lead singer of Ninja Sex Panther, Quarterback, which give us goosebumps each time it plays. The track will easily feel familiar to listeners, as it reminds of Romero’s earlier tracks like “Legacy” with Krewella and “I Could Be The One” with Avicii (RIP). While we are addicted to “Rise” and will continue blasting it in our office, “Bittersweet” will make its way into the rotation relatively soon.

You can check out “Bittersweet” on Spotify or on YouTube below!

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Nicky Romero


Credit: Marte Visser

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