WWE NXT |5-8-14|Who Will Face Neville at Take Over?

Hello my friends and welcome to my review of May 8th’s edition of NXT! Tonight our advertised main event is a Battle Royal to determine to Number One Contender for Adrian Neville’s NXT Championship! and one can only assume the winner of this battle royal will go on to challenge Neville at the next NXT special Take Over! Let’s get started!

Round One of The NXT Womens Championship Tournament.

Emma vs. Charlotte W/ Sasha Banks

We are starting off the night with the second part of round one of the Womens Championship Tourney! We saw both Sasha Banks and Natalya moves on to Round two last week and both Charlotte and Emma are looking to do the same thing, but they have to beat each other! Emma sadly ever since her debut to the main roster has not been on quite the roll! She has found her self stuck in a pointless story that involves her and Santino Marella being “in love,” but Emma has also been racking up quite a losing steak in NXT, but on the other hand her opponent, Charlotte has seen many victories as of late! Emma and Charlotte have faces off before and I’ll be honest there wasn’t much to this match! Emma got in little offense and Charlotte really dominated the majority of the match by using a couple of submission moves. Emma managed to get back into the match, but she used all of her time to pull out Venemma, The Female Snake Sock Puppet that I guess you can say is in love with Santino’s Cobra. Emma attempted to use The Cobra on Charlotte, but luck for Ms. Flair, Sasha Banks was there to warn her, Charlotte ducks and Emma connected The Cobra on Ms. Banks, but Charlotte rolled her up with an interesting pin she calls Charlotte’s Web to pick up the win.

Winner – Charlotte

Ranking – 4\10: Both these women are capable of so much more. I know on the main roster, Emma is stuck in that horrible story, but NXT is where I come to get away from that horrible story. Whenever I see Emma in action on NXT, I’ve come to expect a good match, but tonight was the opposite. Charlotte practically squashed Emma here tonight, and she looks to be the heavy favorite heading into Round Two. We will find out who she faces later tonight!

The Legionnaires (Sylvester Lefort & Marcus Louis) vs. Kalisto & El Local 

Next up is some tag team action between two unknown teams, first is a familiar face as the former manger of Rusev and Scott Dawson, Sylvester Lefort teams up with a new guy named Marcus Louis and they form The Legionnaires, and our next team see another familiar face in El Local and he is also teaming up with a new guy named Kalisto! So two of NXT’s jobbers are looking to step into the tag division! The match starts off with Local and Lefort, and The is the beginning of a one sided beat down! Lefort and Louis took turns tagging each other in to beat down on Local, but finally after waiting for so long Local got himself back in the match by preventing himself from going into the turnbuckle and landing a nice kick right between the eyes of Louis. Both Louis and Local made a tag to their partners. Kalisto comes in with a HUGE Spring Board Cross Body, catching Lefort, and than follows up with an interesting move, it looking kind of like a Cork Screw right into Lefort as he was running at him. Kalisto covered him for the pin, but Marcus Louis was there to break up the pin and even prevented an attack from El Local, or so he though. Louis tossed Local into the ropes, but Local caught himself between the ropes and hung there until Louis went running at him, but Local moved out of the way sending Louis outside the ring and than landed a Cross Body onto him on the outside! Back in the ring Kalisto remains in control as he hits Lefort with many stiff kicks before bouncing into the ropes with a Hand Stand and quickly turning it around to land a kick right to the side of the skull of Lefort. Kalisto covered for a three count.

Winners – Kalisto & El Local

Rating – 5\10: The beginning of this match was such a bore, but the second Kalisto got into this match it got exciting. Kalisto showed of his Lucha skill in the ring tonight and picked up his first win on his debut night. It seems like the NXT Tag Division is beginning to fill up nicely and I’m excited to not only see where this goes, but to see where Kalisto goes in his career!

Camacho vs. Captain Comic

Before this match even was announced, we saw a video of Adam Rose “pumping up” his Rosebud! The match is taking place all because of what happened last week. Captain Comic bumped into Camacho, so after Adam Rose defeated Danny Burch last week, and his Rosebuds came out to join him to celebrate his victory, but Camacho ran down and clotheslined Captain Comic from behind! So tonight the two our facing off, and it was a complete squash as it should of been. Camacho really took it to Comic with hard hitting moves such as, The Dropkick, Wrestling Slams, Jumping Leg Drops and even finished off the match with a Running Samoan Drop!

Winner – Camacho

Rating – 5\10: It’s kind of funny how we have come full circle. Camacho, who used to be a jobber himself, is now doing the jobbing! The was a clever way to keep the feud between Camacho and Rose in our minds, while at the same time limiting their time together. After the match Camacho was looking to beat down on Captain Comic some more, but Rose rushed to the ring to protect his Rosebud. Adam stood there and dared Camacho to come back into the ring as Camacho left. Even though this was a short and one sided match. It actually accomplished quite a lot! Not only to it further the feud between Camacho and Adam Rose, but it showed that Camacho is actually not as green as I thought he was and it even showed character development for Rose, who is usually shown as always happy, but showed tonight he isn’t to happy when one of his Rosebuds are getting beaten up!

Backstage Promos by Alicia Fox & Alexa Bliss

Up next in the final match in Round one of The NXT Womens Championship tourney, but before the match we have two promos by the two women who will be competing in a bit. First is former Divas Champion, Alicia Fox who tells us she can see the future and she sees gold in her future and ends by saying Haters are going to Hate and Winners are to going to Celebrate. Up next is the debuting Alexa Bliss who seems to be playing a good girl kind of character. She expresses how she would love to be take Paige’s place as the Champion and ends her promo by saying when it comes to her, everything is Bliss!

Round One of The NXT Womens Championship Tournament.

Alicia Fox vs. Alexa Bliss

Now it is time for the final match of Round one of the NXT Championship Tourney. We know next week Sasha Banks will face off against Natalya in Round two and Charlotte will be facing either former Divas Champion, Alicia Fox of the debuting Alexa Bliss. Bliss came out with a sparkling Tutu on and even blew glitter at the NXT Universe. I believe Renee Young called her a Fairy, but she reminds me a little more of my friend Alicia honestly or maybe even a Disney Princess. Fox poked fun at the size difference, Bliss is 5 foot something while Fox stands at Six feet! Bliss caught Fox off guard in the beginning, but that did not last long. Alicia Fox hit a hard Tilt a Whirl Back Breaker that did not put Bliss away. Fox kept on with the offense though as she locked in a head lock and kept it locked in, until Bliss fought out of it. Alexa bounced off the ropes, but Alicia caught her and attempted to hit another Tilt O Whirl Back Breaker, but Bliss revered it into a Small Package Pin, to pick up the upset victory.

Winner – Alexa Bliss

Rating – 5\10: Alexa Bliss impresses on her debut as she beats a former Divas Champion, ans she continues on to Round Two, but she has a tough challenge against the heavy favorite, Charlotte! The match itself wasn’t to great, we saw to much dominance from Ms. Fox and even a head lock that felt like forever. I know Fox is capable of more than that, but I don’t know much about Bliss, but who knows maybe she can upset Charlotte and go on to become the New NXT Womens Champion!

Backstage Interview W/Adrian Neville (c)

Devin Taylor is backstage with our NXT Champion, Adrian Neville. First Devin congratulates Neville on a successful title defense against Brodus Clay last week and goes on to ask him about The Battle Royal tonight to determine the Number One Contender for his title. Neville thanks Devin, and goes on to say The Funkasaurous, Brodus Clay is extinct and all that is left his him. He than goes on to say whoever wins this battle royal tonight has his respect and puts over how hard battle royals and even mentions how Cesaro won The Andre the Giant Battle Royal. Neville ends the interview by saying he looks forward to the match!

Battle Royal for The Number One Contender for the NXT World Championship!

It is now time for our Main Event! Whoever wins this Battle Royal will go on to challenge Adrian Neville for the NXT Championship at NXT: Take Over. I don’t know the names of everyone in the battle royal so I’m just going to name off the ones I know. So in the ring after our commercial breaks our superstars such as, Brodus Clay, Aiden English, The Legionnaires, Kalisto, El Local, Colin Cassady, Oliver Grey, Mason Ryan, Yoshi Tatsu, Xavier Woods, and that is all I caught! Mojo Rawley comes out next, and after him is Sami Zayn, during Zayn’s entrance I also saw at the corner of my eye Tyler Breeze and Tyson Kidd get into the ring as well, and the final superstar to make his entrance his the former and longest reigning NXT Champion, Bo Dallas! The Battle royal begins and it is not to long until we have our first elimination, as Brodus Clay tossed out the now released Oliver Grey!

Brodus Clay Eliminates Oliver Grey.

and quickly just as Oliver Grey is gone we have our next elimination, as Brodus Clay tosses out the former WWE Tag Team Champion, Curt Hawkins.

Brodus Clay Eliminates Curt Hawkins.

The superstars begin to brawl once again, but its not to long until we see a group of superstars gang up on the biggest competitor, to work together to get our next elimination.

Multiple Superstars Eliminate Brodus Clay.

Once again the superstars begin to brawl. We see many superstars trying to eliminate the others, but none succeed, but one! Aiden English tosses Danny Burch out of the ring

Aiden English Eliminates Danny Burch.

The superstars go back to brawling, we even get to see El Local connect with a stiff kick to the side of the skull of Camacho, but our next Big Guy makes his presence known, its to bad he just got released not to long ago. Mason Ryan lifts Aiden English over his head and tosses him onto Danny Burch.

Mason Ryan Eliminates Aiden English.

After that elimination, Ryan taunted English while he leaned against the ropes. Honestly Camacho could of tossed him over, but instead we go to commercial break. Once were back for the commercial we see El Local and another superstar, sadly I did not see who it was but they were also eliminated. We were also told during the commercial break Xavier Woods was tossed over, but he landed on the steel steps! Baron Corbin almost eliminates Camacho, but he just hung on. After awhile a Yoshi Tatsu chant broke out for the first time ever in WWE! Mason Ryan his beating down on former NXT Champ, Bo Dallas, meanwhile we see Sylvester Lefort trying to eliminated Kalisto, but Kalisto turns it around and ends up Hurricaraning Lefort and himself over the ropes and down to the floor.

Kalisto Eliminates Sylvester Lefort & Himself.

It is a little while until our next elimination, in the mean time we see many of the superstars battling. There our many superstars left, Xavier Woods and Camacho start to have a chop battle in the middle of the ring as the two traded knife edge tops, but it wasn’t long until Camacho backed up against the ropes. Woods went after Camacho, but he pushed him off, but Woods ran right at Camacho and clotheslined himself and Camacho over the ropes and to the floor.

Xavier Woods Eliminates Camacho & Himself.

The commentators pointed out there our still quite a few big guys in the match, pointing out Mojo Rawley, Mason Ryan, Baron Corbin and Colin Cassady witch could be a very bad thing for late in a battle royal. The commentators also point out that Bo Dallas won last years battle royal and than begin to talk about Sami Zayn, while Zayn attempts to eliminate Baron Corbin, but Dallas attacks him, meanwhile Jason Jordan manages to come up with a huge elimination when he tossed Mojo Rawley over!

Jason Jordan Eliminates Mojo Rawley.

The ring is starting to become more angry. The following superstars remain, Bo Dallas, Sami Zayn, Mason Ryan, Colin Cassady, Tyler Breeze, Baron Corbin, Yoshi Tatsu, and Tyson Kidd and Jason Jordan. Jordan looks to take out yet another big guy. He picks a battle with Baron Corbin, that see him almost get eliminated, but as Corbin went running at him Jordan hits him with a forearm and goes to launch himself back into the ring at Corbin, but Corbin puts his hands up and shoves Jason Jordan out of the ring.

Baron Corbin Eliminates Jason Jordan.

Former NXT World Champion, Bo Dallas goes right after Baron Corbin after the elimination. The two begin to brawl while another Yoshi Tatsu chant breaks out! Dallas has Corbin against the ropes and clotheslines him over them to eliminate him!

Bo Dallas Eliminates Baron Corbin.

Jason Alexander cries over the fact his pick, Baron Corbin, was eliminated! Meanwhile Bo Dallas than picks a fight with Yoshi Tatsu, but Tatsu fights back and has the Former Champ against the ropes. Tatsu goes for a kick to the head of Dallas, but Bo is able to duck it and clotheslines Tatsu over the ropes for another elimination!

Bo Dallas Eliminates Yoshi Tatsu.

The NXT Universe was not to happy to see the man they have been cheering for, Yoshi Tatsu eliminated, and Bo now joins Colin Cassady in the corner to beat down on Mason Ryan. Ryan gets outs of the corner and lifts Bo up onto his shoulders and begins to run, but Bo slides down and uses Ryan’s momentum against him and Mason flies over the ropes!

Bo Dallas Eliminates Mason Ryan.

The Commentators mention there are only five superstars left, but not for long as Bo makes it four in a row when he runs at Colin Cassady, who is leaning up against the ropes, and clotheslines Cassady out of the ring!

Bo Dallas Eliminates Colin Cassady.

and We are down to our Final Four! Bo Dallas, Tyler Breeze, Sami Zayn and Tyson Kidd. I can see all four of these men getting a title shot! Bo has history and almost feels naked without the NXT Title around his waist, Breeze has been rising up in popularity, many feel Zayn should of been the one to take the title of Bo’s waist and Kidd has been on a roll since he began to call NXT his home picking up victories over both Mason Ryan and former champ, Bo Dallas and even earning my Superstar of the Week award Two Weeks in a Row! Dallas quickly after eliminating Cassady goes after the closest superstar next to him, witch just so happens to be Tyson Kidd! Dallas grabs Kidd and looks to toss Kidd over the ropes and make it five in a row, but Tyson reverses it and ends up tossing Bo over the ropes!

Tyson Kidd Eliminates Bo Dallas.

The former champion is stunned and pissed! Kidd goes after Breeze, and the two begin to brawl. Breeze tosses Kidd over the ropes, but Tyson hangs on and hits Breeze with a kick to the side of the head before sliding back into the ring. Tyson began bouncing of the ropes, but Breeze catches him off guard with The Beauty Shot! Kidd seems to be knocked out, Breeze tried to lift him but can’t and turns his attention towards Sami Zayn! These two begin to put on a mini match, but it makes its way back into the battle royal as Zayn has Breeze on the outside and is trying to eliminate him. Zayn hits Breeze with some hard punches to the face But Breeze manages to hand on on hit a shoulder thrust into Zayn’s gut between the rings. Breeze than tosses Zayn out of the ring, but Zayn quite literally hangs on. Tyler Breeze returns the favor to Zayn as he strikes him with some punches to the head and gut, as he tries to eliminate him. Tyson Kidd comes running up from behind, but Breeze tosses him over as well almost eliminating Kidd, but just like Zayn Tyson barley hangs on. Both Kidd and Zayn are hanging their while Breeze hammers them with fist. Tyson manages to get his legs around the throat of Breeze and he pulls him over the ropes to eliminate him, but Breeze hits Sami Zayn on his way down and it would appear that all three superstars hit the ground at the same time!

Winner – N/A

Rating – 8/10: This wasn’t you normal battle royal, every body except really Oliver Grey and Curt Hawkins, had their time to shine. We even got to see more from superstars like Jason Jordan, Baron Corbin and Yoshi Tatsu! The highlight of the match was the ending though! I was not expecting to see Three Men eliminated at the same time. Right after it happened the NXT Universe began to chant “Triple Threat” While all three superstars argued. We see the elimination played back in slow-mo and in reality Tyler Breeze one, his feet were the last to touch. I know it and even the NXT Universe knew it went they began to chant his name. Despite how easy is was to see the refs could not, and this actually led to a bit a bit of a mini brawl between Kidd and Zayn of all people! The Universe began to chant for JBL, but instead The COO of the WWE came down and Triple asked the crowd what they should do about this situation, they began to chant Triple Threat again and Triple H says the know whats best for business and next week Tyson Kidd, Sami Zayn and Tyler Breeze will fight in a Triple Threat Match for the Number One Contendership for Adrian Neville’s NXT World Championship!

Superstar of the Night – Alexa Bliss

I was originally going to give this to whoever one the battle royal, but no one won. Than I though about giving it to Charlotte since she moved on and his the favorite to win the NXT Womens Championship Tourney, or maybe Kalisto who won his debut match tonight, but Alexa did both. Just like Charlotte she moves on to Round Two and just like Kalisto she won her debut match as well, but unlike both Kalisto and Charlotte she beat a former WWE Divas Champion in Alicia Fox! Alexa Bliss certainly is very attractive, and I’m excited to see more from her, and I feel she has a great future here in the WWE and maybe even NXT!

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WWE NXT – 4-2-14 – Is Zayn 100%?

Hello my friends, and welcome to my review of April 2nd’s edition of WWE NXT! Tonight advertised main event is Sami Zayn vs. Corey Graves!

Zayn returns to action this week and is out for revenge against the man who injured him Corey Graves! Let’s get this one started!

Emma vs. Sasha Banks W/ Charlotte

We get to start off the night with some WWE Divas! As The leader of The Emmalution, Emma takes on The Boss! Sasha Banks! Now a couple weeks okay Sasha Banks tag team partner, Charlotte picked up a victory over Emma, with admittedly a little help from Sasha, but tonight Emma is looking to redeem her loss and get a little revenge on the person who cost her the match! Now I would like to point out how aggressive Sasha was early on, she just looks vicious in there as she strikes Emma! At one point in the match WWE Legend William Regal said he believes Sasha Banks is over looked and said Sasha will be a main component in the WWE Divas division for a long time! and that is a huge sign of respect from Mr. Regal! Unfortunately Sasha, tonight was not that night for her to take over The Divas Division, as Emma took it to Sasha and even turned The BFF’s plans against them when Banks accidentally knocked Charlotte off the apron! Emma was able to lock in the Emma Lock to force Sasha Banks to tap out!

Winner – Emma

Rating – 5\10: This match was decent, not incredible happened her, but it wasn’t a bad match to watch! As I mention before William Regal said that Sasha Banks had a huge future ahead of her! Well I can’t predict The Future but if Sasha does not improve in the ring I’m afraid she may not be going anywhere any time soon! I’m not saying she is bad, but there is just nothing impressive going on. She certainly has the personality to be in the WWE, she just needs to improve in the ring, or get a better move set! but until than, I don’t see what Regal sees!

Mojo Rawley Video Package

We are shown another video package of Mojo, nothing to special here. I do want to point out thought, that it seems like WWE has big things in mind for Mojo as we are constantly seeing him in either matches or video packages every single week! So I’m interested to see where this goes!

The Ascension (c) (Konner O’Brian & Rick Viktor) vs. Jack Hearly & John Vandal

Yay! Once again we are treated to the NXT Tag Team Champions battle a team of Jobbers. These matches are just getting repetitive week in and week out! So onto the match. There wasn’t one, this was complete domination as Viktor forced Vandal into the ring by tossing Hearly into his gut for the tag, so that was interesting never seen a tag like that. Than the beat down began for Vandal as Viktor and Konner took turns tearing him apart. The match ended as Konner and Viktor hit The Fall of Man for the Three Count!

Winners – The Ascension (c)

Rating – 4\10: As entertaining as it is to watch The Ascension completely dominate their opponents, I don’t want to watch it every week! I understand their isn’t much to the NXT Tag Division with the current reigning champs as the only legit team in the divsion, but I need some more. I wanna watch The Ascension have a hard hitting brawl with another team that takes them to the limit, not just a one sided beat down! The NXT Universe love this team, I’m heavily invested in them, but I want to see more, and of course with rumors running rampant that The Ascension will be heading to the main roster after Wrestlemania, more may be on the way for Konner and Viktor!

Xavier Woods vs. Brodus Clay

Nice to see Brodus Clay tonight, as he travels down from the WWE Main Roster to finish his feud with Xavier Woods awhile back. Now when Brodus first turned heel back in January I wanna say, I was excited because I’ve seen him as a heel before and I knew it was his strong point! but than he was never featured on WWE TV, so we never got to see his heel persona unless you watched Main Event or Superstars! Tonight though we get to see the heel persona at its best he took it to Xavier hitting numerous hard hitting manuevers! Xavier fought back though, but it wasn’t enough as a stiff headbutt followed by a “Better Than Batista” Powerbomb and than HUGE SPLASH from the top rope to get him the win over his old rival. but what happened next is unexpected as Brodus ask for the mic and begins to cut a promo stating the WWE took everything away from him, His Music, His Girls, His Tag Team Partner, and most importantly His Pride! he than goes onto state that he is doing the taking now and lays out a challenge to Neville saying he is going to take the NXT Championship away from him!

Winner – Brodus Clay

Rating – 5\10: The match itself wasn’t to entertaining as it was Clay beating down on Woods. Clay did hit an impressive headbutt and even a beautiful powerbomb, but what shines the most was that top rope splash! Not many men his side can do that! The most impressive part of the match was Clay’s promo as he practically challenged Neville for the Championship! Brodus Clay was the last person I expected Neville to face, but I gotta say I’m ready to see how Neville responds!

Backstage Interview with Adrian Neville (c)

Devin Taylor welcomes our guest The NXT World Champion Adrian Neville. Devin congratulates Neville on retaining his championship against Bo Dallas last week on NXT, Neville thanks her but says he wants to talk about other things, such as Brodus Clay’s recent statement! Neville goes on to have his best promo to date as he talks about NXT being The Future of the WWE and says if you want a shot you have to earn it and ir/when you do, I’ll be here waiting! One of the best promos to date that Neville has done, and I’m ready for this feud!

Yoshi Tatsu vs. Tyler Breeze

It was announced earlier in the night that Tyler Breeze had entered the building and now Prince Pretty is about to enter the NXT Ring to face Yoshi Tatsu, who has been on the losing side in matches against Corey Graves! Tonight was not Yoshi’s night, he provided no challenge to Breeze, and Tyler easily defeated him here tonight! Tyler was very aggressive throughout that match, and this seem to be a recurring theme here now as the commentators even mentioned that Breeze no longer cares about getting hit in the face. Breeze forced Tatsu up to his feet and hit The Beauty Shot for the win!

Winner – Tyler Breeze

Rating – 5\10: While it was great to see Breeze dominate here tonight, it feels like every match has been that way. We have seen The Ascension and Brodus Clay beat their opponents with great ease, and so did Breeze. This is a new side of Breeze that I am enjoying very much, and so is the NXT Universe! The Gorgeous One could be on his way to the NXT Championship soon! as the commentators made sure to mention Breeze’s issues with the NXT Champion, Adrian Neville!

Backstage Interview with Sami Zayn

A short interview between Devin Taylor and Sami Zayn here. Zayn comments that he feels fine and that he was cleared tonight, and the only one who has anything to worry about is Corey Graves. This promo is not one of Sami’s best, not that there is many in his best, but this one just felt really rushed!

Backstage Exclusive with Corey Graves

Right after the interview with Sami Zayn we are shown a backstage exclusive with Corey Graves as he is asked about his match with Zayn. Graves calls Zayn NXT’s resident underdog and than tells us a story about an Underdog who wander to far into the Forrest and got his paw stuck in a bear trap, and than it got dark and out came the wolves, and than says the wolf is out and this isn’t going to be pretty!

Backstage Exclusive with Paige (c)

After being shown a video montage about Paige, we are shown a Backstage Exclusive with her as she is asked about Charlotte coming at her at NXT: Arrival. Paige goes onto express she knew she was going to have problems but is very angry that Charlotte wouldn’t even let her have her moment after retaining her Womens Championship at NXT:Arrival. She than goes on to tell Charlotte to stop hiding behind her daddy(WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair) and face her in the ring one on one! A Nice promo here by Paige that further build into her feud with Charlotte!

Corey Graves vs. Sami Zayn

It is now time for our main event and this rivalry has really heated up. It all started back when Corey Graves made his debut on the WWE Network and called out Sami Zayn, the two later fought in the main event and Zayn picked up the victory. Graves got his revenge the next week by attacking Sami from behind on his way out to the ring and slamming Sami’s head into the steel turnbuckle post. Zayn was cleared for action tonight and he is looking for revenge. Early on the match Graves postponed the fighting as he laid back into turnbuckle and avoided Sami in every legal way possible. Sami did end up getting the upper hand on Graves and took it to him. Zayn wailed Corey with lefts and rights, and he even hit a beautiful swanton flip over the top rope to the outside on top of Graves, but this is where the downfall happened as Zayn started to feel the effects of his recent concussions and Graves took full control over that as he locked in numerous headlocks that at one point earned a chant from NXT crowd as the chanted “We Love Headlocks” Zayn fought out of the headlocks and swung aimlessly around obviously feeling the effects of the concussion. Sami got in a few big moves and even kicked out a ton of times, but Graves kept taking it to Sami’s head in every way possible and eventually after hitting a stiff punch to the side of Sami’s face, he knocked him down and locked in Lucky Number 13, but the refree called the match before Sami could tap out, because Zayn was unconscious. Giving the win to Corey Graves!

Winner – Corey Graves

Rating – 6\10: I had high hopes for this match but it really didn’t deliver. The early going were entertaining, but watching Graves hold Sami in a headlock for 10 minutes in not entertaining and earning a chant from the crowd where the say “We Love Headlocks” can not be a good thing. The only thing this match really showed off was how much heart and resiliency Sami Zayn has and how heartless Corey Graves can be. Graves showed no remorse to Sami as he hit numerous stiff shots to the head of Sami Zayn, but Zayn showed off his heart as he fought through his previous concussion and battle Graves for as long as he could. I’m interested to see what happens next. I suspect Zayn will be out of action for awhile, so we will to wait and see what happens next I suppose!

Superstar of the Night: Brodus Clay

Even though Corey Graves was supposed to be the highlight tonight, he ends up just missing the spot with the admittedly boring main event night. Even though it was supposed to show how heartless Graves is, we already kind of new. On the other Brodus Clay comes away with the surprise superstar of the night as he picks up an easy victory over old rival Xavier Woods and even cut a nice promo afterwards and practically challenging Adrian Neville for the NXT Championship!


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WWE NXT 3-27-14 – Vengance Week!

Hello everyone, and welcome to my review of March 3rd’s edition of NXT! This week is Vengeance Week! As our advertised Main event is Bo Dallas vs. Adrian Neville(c) with the NXT Championship on the line. Will Neville be able to retain his championship in his first defense, or will Bo Dallas reclaim what he Bo-Lieves is his!


Bo Dallas vs Adrian Neville (c) Video Package.

A nice short video package that highlights the rivalry between Bo and Neville. They only show the rivalry from the point when Neville defeated Bo for the title. Which is a shame, because these two have had a pretty good rivalry that has many more memorable spots!

Mojo Rawley vs. Cj Parker

The first match to start off Vengeance Week is Mojo Rawley and Cj Parker, who have just recently began feuding. Parker was in control for the majority of this match. He was very aggressive, which is a new thing we are seeing from him. Ever since he turned heel, he has been pretty impressive, but Mojo has remained impressive! He has gotten over so quick with the NXT Universe and is quickly becoming one of the most popular faces on their roster. I sure hope his ring skills improve soon though, because its not hard to tell that Mojo is still very green. There is a reason why he is beaten up for most of the match, just to come back in hit his 4 moves of doom! Cj controls majority of the match, but is caught of guard by Mojo at one point and this leads to him getting hit with Hyperdrive to give Mojo the win with the three count!

Winner- Mojo Rawley

Rating- 4/10: The match itself wasn’t bad in the way of botches or anything, but bad in the way that is starting to get repetitive seeing Mojo win his matches the same way every single time! I really feel this rivalry will help benefit both men, especially Cj. My only hope is that its not a one sided feud and Cj just loses everytime!

Sami Zayn Update.

We are shown what happened last week when Sami Zayn was set to face Tyler Breeze! While Zayn was making his entrance Corey Graves ran out from behind and tosses Sami face first into the steel post. Than we are shown a video from last week of the doctor checking on Sami. Basically for the next couple minutes both the doctor and Sami state numerous times that Sami is alright!

Xavier Woods vs. Tyler Breeze

At NXT: Arrival these two men were supposed to face off, but an interference by Alexander Rusev, ended the night early for both men. Woods wanted revenge, but so did Breeze, and when Woods didn’t leave the ring and let Tyler Breeze get his revenge on Rusev, well than Tyler took it out on Xavier and cost him his match against The Bulgarian Brute. Now Xavier is looking for some vengeance in this match! I’m really excited for this match! I don’t know why, but I really feel Woods and Breeze and put on a great match together, and tonight they proved that! Its very rare we get to see Breeze’s move set, and tonight was one of those rare nights! Breeze’s character as a model really prevents him from showing off his stellar in ring work, but tonight he held nothing back, as he was very aggressively offensive! Woods to manage to battle back and hit Breeze with a hard hitting Shining Wizard. Woods shouted “It’s Morphing Time” as he set up for The Honor Roll, but Breeze crawled out of the way and was able to catch Woods off guard with The Beauty Shot and covered him for the three!

Winner – Tyler Breeze

Rating – 7\10: These two put on a great match here tonight! We got to see a different side of both men as they displayed more of a vicious side! I’m not to sure if this rivalry will continue, but I for one honestly do not mind, because it would appear Woods and Breeze have great chemistry in the ring together!

Bo Dallas Interview

Devin Taylor is backstage ready to interview the former NXT Champion and challenger for the title tonight, Bo Dallas. They talk briefly about the title match tonight. Bo heavily highlights the fact that Neville did not beat him for the NXT Championship and that he simply climbed up a ladder and unhooked it, he is also glad he is not in a jungle gym match tonight and promises he will walk out as NXT champion and that we better Bo-Lieve that!

Yoshi Tatsu vs. Corey Graves

This match wasn’t announced for Vengeance week, but I think its a welcome addition. We spoke earlier about the budding rivalry between Sami Zayn and Corey Graves, but that actually all began with a match with Yoshi Tatsu. Tatsu has definitely been pushed to the side and only used as the first step in the rivalry, but tonight Yoshi looks to get his revenge in this match, and I gotta say I’m so glad they allowed Yoshi to put up a fight against Graves, and it just wasn’t a one sided beat down. There are superstars who fit the name jobber so well because they really don’t have that much talent. Superstars like Camacho come in mind to me, Yoshi Tatsu does not. There is a fine difference between Jobber and enhancement talent. Yoshi is a very talented wrestler who just can’t connect with the audience or just has not been giving the opportunity to, but that still doesn’t mean we can’t use his in ring talents, and that is what enhancement talent is. A superstar who can make the guy look good and not be affected by losing so often. Anyone, after a long rant about Jobber’s and enhancement talent, we finally will talk about the match! Early on Graves to control, but surprisingly Yoshi fought back and took it to Graves, but Corey was to much for Tatsu and was able to weaken his legs enough to force him to tap up to Lucky Number 13. After the match was over Graves got on the mic and told Sami Zayn to stay down the same two words tattooed on his knuckles!

Winner – Corey Graves

Rating – 5\10: Tonight was all about making Graves look good, and that is exactly what they did tonight. They heavily promoted his attack on Zayn, and than gave him a good match against Yoshi that allowed him to show off his talents, and nice promo at the end really helped further the feud between Zayn and Graves. My friends I honestly think were looking at the Next NXT Champion!

Charlotte W/ Sasha Banks vs. Natalya W/Bret “Hit Man” Hart

This is a match I’m very excited about for many reasons. One is just because of the legacy of there families, both the Harts and the Flairs, and than of course their rivalry has been very entertaining as well as Charlotte’s new bad girl character! Hands down this has to be one of the best divas matches I’ve seen in a long time! Its a shame the NXT Womens division is considered the number two division, because these women can fight, I just wish WWE would allow them to show off their skill sets more often and not just their assets. I really didn’t know Charlotte had it in her, I thought she was very green, but she went out there and stole it with Nattie. The two divas countered each others moves, and Charlotte showed off her gymnastics many times through out the match, even used it as a way to evade the turnbuckle, but the second she came down she was hit with a  Discuss Clothesline from Nattie. To end the match Charlotte looked to lock in the submission move made famous by her father, The Figure Four Leg Lock, but Nattie had other plans as she turned the Figure Four around for a Sharpshooter, it looked like Charlotte was about to tap, so “The Boss!” Sasha Banks ran in and attacked Nattie causing a Disqualification. Sasha soon paid for her attack though as Nattie locked The Boss in the sharpshooter and than celebrated with Uncle Bret!

Winner by DQ – Natalya

Ranking – 8\10: These two women put on a great match! I really hope they end of doing a Three Way for the Title and add Nattie into the mix, because I think Natalya vs. Charlotte vs. Paige(c) for the NXT Womens Championship would be a great Triple Threat match that can show case all three women and is able to get the belt around Charlotte’s waist! I feel once Charlotte gets the belt, we will see Paige and Nattie fight to earn a shot and than get to see some great matches between these woman. Either way I’m excited!

Backstage exclusive with Adrian Neville (c)

A short interview with Neville. They talked about the match tonight, and how this one was Not a Ladder Match! Neville says the dynamic of the match has changed but the outcome won’t.

NXT Championship Match

Bo Dallas vs. Adrian Neville (c)

Its not time for our main event, and it is for the NXT World Championship. At NXT: Arrival Adrian Neville defeated Bo Dallas for the NXT Championship in a ladder match, and tonight Bo cashes in his rematch clause and hope to bring the title back home with him. The rivalry between these two have been great and so have the matches, and I think tonight’s match was the best out of all them! We saw a more aggressive side out of Bo here tonight, as he hit Neville with numerous hard hitting clotheslines and never let the man breath. Bo has made it clear that he Bo-Leives that the only reason Neville won, was because it was a ladder match, and in the early going in the match, he showed that he was a better wrestler than Neville, but Neville fought back and hung in there. Despite how hard Adrian got hit he kept kicking out witch just frustrated Bo more. Neville did attempt The Red Arrow on two different occasions, but Bo rolled out of the way for the first one and got his knees up for the second one, witch led to a very close three count! The ending sequence was well done as each man reversed each others moves until Neville got off one great Super kick and this set Bo up for Adrian’s new move! The 450 Splash, and may I say this has to be one if not the most impressive 45o I’ve ever seen. Neville covers Bo for the three!

Winner and Still NXT World Champion – Adrian Neville

Rating – 8\10: Tonight both men went out there and showed why they are and were NXT World Champion. I like the new aggressive side to Bo and I’m really interested to see where things go from here. Things aren’t quite down with Graves and Zayn, so I expect Neville and Bo to continue their rivalry, but I fear it might get a little Bo-Ring if they keep it going on. I think whats best for both men is two have one more match, and end it there!

Superstar of the Night: Corey Graves

Even though Neville and Bo put on a great match and Graves was only in action against Yoshi Tatsu, I still feel like Corey Graves deserves to be superstar of the night. It is clear that Graves is being built up for big things in NXT, and I expect him to be the man who defeats Neville for the title, but tonight they made sure to make Graves look like a threat. The injury at the hands of Corey Graves to Sami Zayn last week, cost Zayn this week and despite Yoshi’s best effort, he could not defeat Corey Graves. Big things are coming for Graves and the best advice I can give the NXT Locker Room is tattooed on Corey’s knuckles, “Stay Down”



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