About the Writers

Wow it has been ages since I have updated this page…

Who runs Media in Review?

For the most part, the site is run by one individual…me, Brandon.

I was originally a film major studying in Las Vegas…back when everything started. It seems like such a long time ago. Anyway, three years ago I decided to start Media in Review as a way to express my own thoughts and wishes. We have expanded so much further than that, and I am glad. I have been able to collaborate with friends and rivals alike, and we have no interest of slowing down. We will going through some quite elaborate changes over the coming months, so get hyped.

Special thanks to a few of my friends:

OmgWtfLolFtwBrb: Mainly added the pro wrestling section to our site, as well as other quality content. Be sure to check him out on his YouTube channel, OmgWtfLolFtwBrb, where he does Top 10s, Let’s Plays, and Arcade Visits.

Supertaroboy: Contributing author in the realm of video games and movies. Also creates quality AMV’s over on his YouTube channel, Super Taro Boy.

RazGrizPhantom: Began the Let’s Play Minecraft! series. Hopefully we will see more of him soon.

Check us out on the social medias:

Thanks for your help, and we hope you stick with us in the future.


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