FelMax Wades Into the Heavy Metal World with “Sixth Path”

When an electronic producer is able to insert himself into the metal scene, we can’t help to be proud. This time we are checking out “Sixth Path”, the latest from FelMax. Originally a Venezuelan native, FelMax fled his country to the United States and has been the trailblazer in our modern electronic music scene. Only bursting onto the scene in 2015, Felmax has already garnered plenty of support from the likes of Tiesto, Steve Aoki, and Krewella. FelMax is even currently on tour with hard rock and metal icons Breaking Benjamin and Five Finger Death Punch!

“Sixth Path” exists in the industrial world, yet feels like it could easily co-exist within the realm of metal. Taking a step away from his lighter electro and house roots, “Sixth Path” is definitely FelMax’s heaviest track ever produced. The track was crafted to take you to a new sinister place, to take the listener out of their element and strip them away from all existing comforts. FelMax accurately blends stabbing percussion and dark pounding bass lines to create this homage to the world of heavy metal. FelMax continues to warp and manipulate electronic music as we hear it today.

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Sometimes You Just Need to “Blame” Love, New Party Favor Track Ft. Naika

While we have spent quite a bit of time in the world of bass-heavy and experimental beats this week, we need a different kind of fix. This time we are bouncing on over to Mad Decent for “Blame”, the latest from Party Favor. hen you have the chance to work with someone like Party Favor, that is definitely not an opportunity that you turn down. With an impressive resume as a genre-bending artist and producer, Party Favor has seen plenty of glory with his multitude of original tracks such as “MDR” and “Give It To Me Twice”. Party Favor has even accomplished quite a bit as a producer for major artists like Lil Jon and ASAP Ferg, with all of his work earning him an impressive 135 million streams on Spotify.

This record was such a long time comingThe beat for this song was made over a year ago. We tried so many different vocalists/lyrics and finally found the right fit with Naïka. She captures the vibe so perfectly. Really proud of this record and think it’s a great fit for Mad Decent. Excited to be working with them again on another release!” – Party Favor

Just because we are finally out of festival season doesn’t mean that it isn’t the time to make a big stadium anthem. “Blame” is yet another example of what Party Favor brings to the table, with his big room feel and bass-driven beats. Needing a sweet female hook, Party Favor drafted Miami-based artist Naika who passionately sings about how you just need to “blame it on love”.  While Party Favor doesn’t push any boundaries this time, the track will still be a fantastic addition to the Party Favor catalog.

Want to catch Party Favor on tour? Check out their upcoming dates for a venue near you!

Upcoming dates:

11-16 – Miami, FL @ E11EVEN
11-17 – Chicago, IL @ The MID
11-21 – Houston, TX @ Stereo Live Houston
12-01 – Las Vegas, NV @ Omnia
12-07 – Las Vegas, NV @ Omnia
12-08 – Tampa, FL @ The Ritz Ybor
12-14 – Albuquerque, NM @ El Rey Theater
12-15 – Denver, CO @ Fillmore Auditorium
12-28 – El Paso, TX @ Born and Raised
12-29 – Las Vegas, NV @ Hakkasan
12-29 – South Lake Tahoe, CA @ SnowGlobe Music Festival
12-31 – San Bernardino, CA @ Countdown Festival
12-31 – San Diego, CA @ Omnia NYE
01-10 – Tallahassee, FL @ Bajas Beach Club
01-11 – Charlotte, NC @ Music Factory
01-12 – Orlando, FL @ Gilt Nightclub
01-24 – Columbus, OH @ Trism

Make sure you check out “Blame” on Spotify!

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Party Favor


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SLANDER & Co. Entrance You With Melodic Sound in “Running to You”

Even though you have your own imprint, you need to spread a bit of the love around. This week we are checking out “Running To You”, the latest from SLANDER and Spag Heddy on Monstercat. LANDER has been very busy since bursting onto the scene in 2014 (with their ever-popular Showtek remix), but throughout 2017 and 18 we are expected to see numerous original productions and a further grounding of their “heaven trap” style. With multiple original releases under their belt in the last few months, there is no way we can stop the SLANDER now, especially since they have extra ammunition in their corner.

Running To You‘ is finally here! We’ve wanted to work with Spag Heddy for a while now, and finally getting this one done with him was a truly amazing experience. For this song, we tried to blend our sounds together as seamlessly as possible by taking the listener from a deeply emotional moment straight into a heavy one!! We thought this duality of emotion really made the track feel special since it’s very two-faced and doesn’t sit in any traditional genre category. We hope you guys enjoy this rollercoaster! Also, be sure to check out the rest of Spag‘s music! He is a mad man!” – SLANDER

Who is ready for more SLANDER? Their newest track “Running To You”, is the second preview single for SLANDER’s upcoming Headbangers Ball EP and is definitely an indication of what we should expect. SLANDER is quickly becoming known for their expert blending of melodic sound-scapes and heavy-hitting beats, and “Running To You” is a prime example of exactly that. SLANDER couldn’t do everything on their own this time though, as they enlisted the help of fellow producer Spag Heddy and vocalist Elle Vee. Vee opens the track with supreme vocal work that captures us with sweet melodies until we are essentially thrown off a cliff.

Make sure you check out “Running For You” on Spotify!

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Spag Heddy

Credit: Koury Angelo

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