Uprising Russian Producer HYPRESSION Drops Deep Bass House “Cold Blood” EP

For those that have stuck around for long, it’s definitely been a spell since we had fresh blood to add the catalog. This time we are heading on over to Bite This! for the brand new Cold Blood EP from HYPRESSION. Hailing from the motherland of Russia, this twenty-year-old producer has been crafting a deep four on the floor bass house style that will pique listeners’ interest. HYPRESSION has already racked up those respect points with prominent members of the industry such as Diplo, The Chainsmokers, and Bite This! label boss Jauz. While HYPRESSION just had his breakthrough with his collaboration on Jauz’s track “On Fire” last year, this artist is ready and prepared to take the center stage himself.

Is it just us or is the Russian electronic scene producing even more amazingly skilled talent than normal? HYPRESSION makes a strong debut with his Cold Blood EP. creating an enigmatic yet nostalgic aura in the backing. All three tracks are fantastic and a joy to our ears, sounding distinctly different from each other yet flowing seamlessly. HYPRESSION figured out the formula, with a blend of bass house and melody he can mentally transport us into his soundscape. While we highly recommend grooving along to the entire EP, if you have to pick a single track check out “Kitchen House”. The track has an addictive beat and his to most nostalgic out of the bunch, yet it even feels cinematic within its dips.

Make sure you check out the Cold Blood EP on Spotify below!

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Canadian Rocker Skye Wallace Drops Self-Titled Canadiana Album, Highlighting How Women Rock

We don’t often hear modern rock music quite like this. This time we are heading on up to our great northern neighbor for a brand new self-titled album from Canadian recording artist Skye Wallace. Wallace has spent her life traveling throughout the Great White North, picking up bits and pieces from every spot she broke ground upon. Due to this, the easiest way to describe this album embodies Canada as a whole an appropriate dose of Canadiana that we all need. Skye Wallace could have been a much different kind of musician if she didn’t discover punk in her teens and wrote music that excited us. Canadian Joan Jett anyone?

When asked about the album:

“This album is the sound I’ve been after, actualized. As an artist I hope to always be growing, but the sound that Devon Lougheed and I found on this record is something that I am deeply proud of and excited to share. The decision to have a self-titled album was a testament to that excitement and sense of achievement.  This album is loud and charged and emotional. The stories that inspired the album were given life; their presence behind each song breathed heart and soul and fire into the album as a whole. I’m thrilled to let this little baby out into the world.” – Skye Wallace

Can we just say that we love this Skye Wallace album in its entirety? The album thrives due to Wallace’s lyrical and vocal prowess, expressing folk themes and bouts of Canadian history. The album moves its way through the rock genres, from folk and ballads to grungy rock, Wallace can slay them all. If you only have time for one track, check out the album’s opening track “Death of Me”. On the more punk and grunge side of the musical spectrum, “Death of Me” transports us back to the late 90’s and early 00’s for a nostalgic trip down memory lane. The track feels like Florence and the Machine clashed with the Runaways and Nirvana, yet we couldn’t be happier. Skye Wallace needs to be on everyone’s radar, as she proves that women rockers are supreme.

Want to check out Skye Wallace on tour? Check these tour dates for a performance at a venue near you.

Tour Dates:
06.15 – Waterloo, ON @ Maxwell’s *
06.20 – Oshawa, ON @ Oshawa Music Hall *
06.21 – Windsor, ON @ GBCB
06.22 – Ottawa, ON @ Live! On Elgin
07.05 – Burnstown, ON @ Neat Cafe
07.09 – Vancouver, BC @ Wise Hall
07.11 – Calgary, AB @ Calgary Stampede
07.13 – Richards Landing, St Joseph Island, ON @ Go North Festival
08.09 – Brampton, ON @ Garden Square
08.10 – Blue Mountain, ON @ Mountainside Music Series
08.17 – Elora, ON @ Riverfest
08.31- 09.01 – Bala, ON @ Kee to Bala #

Make sure you check out “Death of Me” on Spotify, as well as live on YouTube!

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GRAVEDGR & Duo Lit Lords Show Us the “RAWSIDE” of Hard-Trap

Our resident gravedigger has returned from the cemetery with a brand new hardcore track. For our dose of hardcore we head on over to Heavyweight Records for GRAVEDGR’s latest track “RAWSIDE”. Trying to make his mark as a standout producer to watch this year, GRAVEDGR is an enigmatic producer by night and an actual gravedigger by day. With a job like that, he is able to ponder the grey area of morality and how he can showcase the concept in his music. While simultaneously being scary/horrifying and melodic, GRAVEDGR is already pleasing the masses of bass heads throughout the world.

With “RAWSIDE”, GRAVEDGR gives us some serious Howwler vibes and we may finally be on board. GRAVEDGR takes this track as a chance to experiment with his hard sound. “RAWSIDE” is much more hate-filled as the previous tracks, adding more groove and a danceable beat in the undertones. Of course this wouldn’t be a GRAVEDGR track without the aggressive assault on your senses, even if this time we can actually let loose to it. Texan duo Lit Lords inject their personal style into the track, crafting this new dose of hard-trap. “RAWSIDE” may have finally forcibly pushed us on the hard-trap bandwagon.

Make sure you check out “RAWSIDE” on Spotify!

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Lit Lords

Heavyweight Records

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