Conro Drops Brand New Upbeat “Thrill of It” EP on Monstercat

With the release of a new EP, it is time for a new sound. We are meandering on over to Monstercat for the brand new “Thrill of It” EP from Conro. Conro, known as Conor Patton, grew up learning musical prowess at a young age in his native Canada. Conro found his inspirational spark in the producing aspect, leading him to discover a combination of upbeat house and future bass. Before joining Monstercat, Conro also signed with Wolfgang Gartner, The Headhunterz, and Dyro. Conro’s first taste of success with his Connecting the Dots EP, with one of the tracks “Closer” charting on Billboard’s Top 20.

With the release of this brand new Thrill of It EP, comes a moment to experiment and tweak your sound.  The EP consists of five tracks, three brand new ones along with the two previously teased releases. Each track throughout the EP feels refreshing and uplifting, like a light illuminating a summer evening. Whether it is the upbeat sounds of “Stars”, the groovy soundscape of “Thrill of It”, and the sultry dancefloor vibes of “Heartbeat”, we guarantee this EP has something for everyone. If this is EP is any consolidation, Conro is no doubt on his way to topping the modern charts and being a driving force in the community.

Make sure you check out Thrill of It EP on Spotify!

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Melodic House Magnus Felix Cartal & Veronica Analyze Past Relationshipsin “Over It”

Felix Cartal is definitely one of our favorite artists to keep an eye on. This time we are heading off to Physical Presents for Felix’s latest track “Over It”. Felix has been busy, with multiple standalone productions with other producers including successful producer Kaskade. Felix will also be touring internationally so everyone will be able to see it sometime soon. Due to his most recent success, Felix has even garnered over 45 million streams over on his Spotify! Clearly, Felix, you are doing something right. “Over It’ is only the beginning of a new series of tracks for Felix, so stay tuned!

Veronica and I wrote this song while I was in LA. We did the whole demo super quickly. Over the next few months, I really wanted to refine it into something emotional that still works in the club. This has been one of the biggest songs of my set, and I can’t wait to see the reactions at my shows once people are familiar with it.”  – Felix Cartal 

Now let’s roll out the red carpet for this king of melodic house. Felix Cartal takes a deep introspective look into past relationships and friendships, expressing his feelings through music the most versatile language of all. The track is addictive and chill at the same time, showing its versatility at home and in the club scene. “Over It” feautres beautifully instrumental melodies that flow into Veronica’s breathy vocal work, capturing the essence of relationship finality. “Over It” follows up Cartal’s previous release “Love Me” with Lights, which has been certified Gold in Canada as well as racking up 15 million streams on Spotify!

Make sure you check out “Over It” on Spotify!

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Felix Cartal

Physical Presents

(c) Trevor Brady

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Protocol Veterans Trilane Harness Modern Progressive House in “Believe”

There isn’t anyone hotter in the Protocol roster, except the label boss himself than this duo.  Heading on back to Protocol after a previously packed weekend, we have “Believe” from Swedish producers Trilane. Since Protocol is all about promoting the fresh blood added to their roster, we are no surprise that they have expanded their recruitment pool. Between these two artists, they have been featured on many of the large labels such as Trilane being a five-time release for Protocol, along with both Revealed and Wall Recordings. Will he finally find his home within the Protocol roster? We’ll have to see what the future holds. Now official Protocol veterans, Trilane is quickly becoming engrained in the Protocol culture and roster.

AS they pump out more and more tracks under the Protocol banner, We feel like that Trilane is permanently absorbing the modern progressive house sound. Trilane’s latest addition to the catalog, “Believe”, is a perfect embodiment of this modern style. The track isn’t just uplifting with a great beat, Strand’s vocal performance is soulful and exudes pure emotion. “Believe” highlights its rising bassline and dreamlike melody is a one-two punch combo, but the track is one full package that can’t be separated. Workling flawlessly and seamlessly, “Believe” has to be our favorite Protocol-era Trilane track yet.

Make sure you check out “Believe” on Spotify below or over on YouTube!

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